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Vacation in Mexico – Top Things You Should Not Miss

by Alice Genes

A mythical country in Latin America, Mexico instantly evokes the pre-Hispanic civilizations, adventure, revolution, exotic and colorful and joyous celebrations. Throughout history, the Mexican land was home to one of the densest and most magnificent concentration of civilizations.

One can justify spending a lifetime admiring and studying the knowledge of the Maya, the Olmec aesthetics, the Toltec spirit or the Aztec military organization. With its rich archaeological monuments, magnificent beaches and stunning colonial cities, Mexico is one of the most beautiful expressions of the excesses of Latin America. Just like its land, the country is cosmopolitan, noisy, crowded with people and simply fascinating.

Mexico is located in the subtropical and temperate region of North America, just north of the tropics. Regional diversity causes a variety of climates and you should check the weather in your preferred area before planning a vacation in Mexico. The most pleasant and less busy season is from November to April, when the sun is (usually!) present and rains are almost absent. However, the evenings can be cool in this period, especially in the northern areas.

There are so many reasons one can choose to visit Mexico that it is difficult to name just a few. Below you will find the most popular tourist attractions of the country and you can pick some of them to discover on your Mexican journey.


Let’s start with the Teotihuacán archaeological site, the outstanding and most famous of the Mexican historic remains. You can choose to visit it first, as it is located 40 km north-east of the capital. This city was one of the first cities of the country. It was led by priests who presented human sacrifices to the gods so that the sun would rise each day, according to their belief. This city consisted of pyramids, temples, but also palaces. In the fifth century, at its peak, it covered 20 km ² and was moreover a very important political center. Teotihuacán is also considered an energy center. During the solstices, this ancient city is overrun by people of all ages, dressed in white, who want to get energy. They say that on the solstices the energetic level of the city increases dramatically.


One of the most popular Mexican cities is Acapulco, a city located in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast, with more than 500,000 inhabitants. Acapulco is a tourist town as well as a resort of international renown. Treat yourself to a little carriage ride on the Miguel Aleman Avenue, which runs along the bay, and a tour of the Zocalo, the starting point for a walk through the cobbled streets of old Acapulco. You should not miss the chance to visit the island of Roqueta, for diving and observing its seabed as well as the Quebrada, where the “divers of death” jump off the cliffs holding a torch in each hand.

Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhualtl

The legendary volcanoes of Mexico, Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhualtl, are another reason for a vacation in Mexico. In 1519, when Hernán Cortés crossed between the two volcanoes to go to Tenochtitlan, he ordered his men to climb up the Popo crater with a mission to obtain sulfur for the manufacture of powder firearms. From the top of the volcano the Spaniards gaped through the magnificent spectacle that the city of Tenochtitlan drew on the horizon. Nowadays, it is impossible to see Mexico City from the top of the volcano because of the pollution.


Oaxaca is located in a fertile valley in southern Mexico and still retains its traditions when it comes to handicrafts and lifestyle. The Valley of Oaxaca was called Huaxyacá by the Aztecs.

The splendid cathedral of Oaxaca is definitely worth a visit: the church Santo Domingo is the most prestigious expression of Baroque art in Mexico and it was built by the Dominicans between 1550 and 1600. Right near the town you will find the archeological site of  Monte Alban, the most fascinating in the State of Oaxaca.


Veracruz is a very important city in Mexican history. In fact, this is where Hernán Cortés, the colonizer, landed for the first time in 1519, the day of the Vera Cruz (True Cross) to conquer the country. This city, a symbol of power, strength and grandeur of New Spain, earned him the title of Villa Rica de la Veracruz. Today, Veracruz is a picturesque and colorful city in the Gulf of Mexico. The a warm and lively atmosphere of the city is enhanced by with many street performances, while marimba players fill the air with joy.

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is the most important coastal tourist destination in Mexico. It is located on the east coast of Yucatan, south of Cancun and it attracts a lot of people due to its sandy beaches, warm waters and coral reefs that are ideal for diving.



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