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5 Secret Beaches in Huatulco to Visit This Summer

by Brent May

By Blanca Mendez
For Forbes México (SP)

Without a doubt, Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico, preferred by millions of people, and if we talk about sea and land, Huatulco has an extensive offer of bays and secret beaches for all travelers.

Do not think about it anymore, pack your suitcase and escape to one of these beaches in Huatulco, which without a doubt you will never want to leave.

Tourist offer in Huatulco

What not many know is that Huatulco has nine bays and 36 beaches, as well as ecological reserves that are the habitat of various birds and reptiles.

To access several of these places, it is necessary to take a boat, since access is difficult due to the fact that you must cross part of the jungle, so we recommend that you be guided by a professional.

Cacaluta Beach

Located in the bay of the same name, in Huatulco, this paradisiacal place has blue waters, white sand and there is nothing around but vegetation and different migratory birds. In front of this bay there is an island that protects it from the winds, so it becomes a shelter area for smaller boats in case of bad weather. Without a doubt, a beach that you cannot miss.

Órgano Beach

This beach stands out for being very quiet and one of the least intervened by constructions, so it offers a moment of complete rest. To get there, it is necessary to do it by boat or by land, through the dense vegetation, since there is no direct road. It is important that you consider that there are no restaurants or hotels in the place, but there are in its surroundings.

Chachahual Beach

This Huatulco beach offers you a relaxed atmosphere and a great ecological reserve thanks to its proximity to the National Park. It is located in the bay of the same name and has fine white sand, blue waters and moderate waves. The way to get there is by boat.

India Beach

It is located in Chachacual Bay and offers you to connect with nature because there is not so much influx of people in the area. Its beautiful reefs and turquoise waters generate tranquility for those who visit it. Remember to go with everything you need as it does not have services. The only way to get there is by sea, through a boat.

Tejón Beach

It offers its visitors moments of tranquility as it is one of the least besieged by tourists. In addition to its turquoise blue and green waters, its vegetation, made up mostly of thickets, thorns, mangroves and mesquites, will give you shade and a cool environment. Because its waves are not aggressive and it is surrounded by rocks, the sound of the sea will be the most relaxing thing you can experience.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy these paradisiacal beaches that Huatulco offers this summer season.

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