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Air Canada Direct to Huatulco

by Brent May



It’s a cold and rainy day North of the 49th parallel. Kids are back in school and parents and grandparents are starting to plan their travel plans. It could not be a better time to announce the exciting news of new direct flights to Huatulco. Please remember where you heard it first. Own Mexico was the first to announce new direct flights from WestJet to Huatulco before WestJet themselves did. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you are the first to know about critical investor info like new infrastructure and flight access to investment areas in Mexico.

direct-flight-to-huatulcoWe are proud to be the first to announce this insider info that will benefit all Western Canadians. Air Canada is launching a new direct to Huatulco from Western Canada. The airline has already seen the benefits of flying two times a week from Toronto direct to Huatulco and in order to keep up with WestJet who is now flying two times a week from Toronto direct to Huatulco and two times a week from Calgary direct to Huatulco. Remember you heard it here first, at the Own Mexico blog. Starting December 2016, Air Canada is flying direct to Huatulco from Vancouver B.C. Canada.

According to my source at the Huatulco Hotel Association, this new flight is a direct result of the relationship between Air Canada and La Isla Hotel group who currently owns and operates La Isla Hotel in Chahue and their beach club, La Isla Latitude 15. La Isla group is currently constructing a new 109 room beachfront hotel in Arrocito, Huatulco. The new hotel has committed 40 rooms to Air Canada starting in December and afterwards is sure to bring even more flight access to Huatulco. (There is more) At the time of my interview it was unknown if Air Canada will be flying once or twice a week direct to Huatulco from Vancouver. This flight compliments another new flight in 2016 being Victoria BC direct to Huatulco with Sunwing.ca during the winter months.

Investors, vacation property buyers and retirees, if you have not seen the signs as of yet this is surely one you need to recognize. The Huatulco real estate market is starting to boil. Keep following for more updates on some of the major commercial retailers investing in Huatulco as well as the roughly 2,000 new hotel rooms being designed in the new hotel zone.

The time is now, contact us to get involved in the Top Emerging Market of Huatulco while (as Bob Barkers says) the price is right.

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