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A.M.P.I Investor Special

by Brent May

On March 9, 2017 the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) officially opened in Huatulco representing A.M.P.I Costa-Istmo Zone (Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Salina Cruz and Oaxaca City). The purpose of A.M.P.I is to gather under laws and codes of ethics and create a reliable, trustworthy and efficient real estate environment in Mexico and now Oaxaca State. Furthermore, A.M.P.I. creates a formal avenue to assist the Federal Government’s plan to stimulate economic growth in the South of Mexico.

When my associate, friend and A.M.P.I. Oaxaca president Dolores Perez Islas approached me to be a part of A.M.P.I. I was very honored to be asked and I jumped at the chance. I assisted her and the rest of the Board of Directors to hold the inauguration of A.M.P.I. Oaxaca at the Mansiones Cruz Del Mar in Huatulco. The event was a huge success and we were overwhelmed by the attendance of investors, the guest speakers who came and general support of the area.

Attendance included the presence of Mr. Luis Alfonso Martínez Ruiz, Director of the State Housing Commission; a representative of the State Governor, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa; Lic. Benjamín Hernández Gutiérrez, Director of Attention to Investor of the Special Economic Zone of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec; Laura Arredondo Zambrano, Director of Expansion of the National Council AMPI; Mr. Rafael Gómez Rodríguez Organization Secretary of the Oaxacan Alliance of Pasaje and Tourism; Esther Merino President of the Business and Commercial Alliance Oaxaca; and Raúl Sinobas Solís, representative of the State Tourism Secretariat.

After the event I found myself at a dinner sitting across from the Minister of the Economy of Oaxaca, a situation I never expected to be in.

I took this opportunity to listen and learn about all of the opportunities ahead. With great excitement, the Minister, Jesus Rodriguez Socorro stated what was coming for Oaxaca:

  1. The Federal Government has identified Special Economic Zones in the South of Mexico, and Oaxaca State is one of them.
  2. They plan to increase the GDP by investing 15 billion pesos into the special economic zones in Oaxaca.
  3. It was stated that the Super Highway from Oaxaca City to the coast will be completed in 1 year.
  4. The new Governor in Oaxaca who has a young and fresh perspective has put high expectations on himself to stimulate growth in Oaxaca.
  5. The Governor has an excellent relationship with the President of Mexico and will succeed with open and effective communication in areas that fell short in the past.
  6. The goal is to create synergy between government, entrepreneurs and investors to achieve the detonating development required for these regions of the coast and isthmus; Where each of the individuals provides experience, facilities and certainty for the investment, as well as the importance of sharing experiences with the A.M.P.I members, generating certainty for investors, clients and developers.
  7. The Minister of the Economy went on to say this government is emphasizing the fact that they are very open to hearing the feedback of our real estate association (A.M.P.I) and working with us to design development that works best for the people of Oaxaca, both local and foreign residents, and to continue with the sustainable theme of the area.

After many years of speculation and hard work in the State of Oaxaca this was a very refreshing experience and situation to be a part of. It is clear that the time is now to invest in Huatulco and Oaxaca state. I look forward to hearing from you personally and will continue to serve you the client and this beautiful area with the highest level of customer service and integrity.

Brent May

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