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Buying Property in Mexico: Let us help you live the dream

by Erin May

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Complimentary Training on How to Buy Property in Mexico


Hi, I am Brent May.  My wife Erin and I are living the dream of owning a luxury vacation home in Mexico, and we want to show you how you can too.

I will help you understand the process of researching and buying a Mexico dream home so that you can start lounging by the ocean, enjoying your life, vacationing when you want, and even earning monthly income.

Have you ever considered buying your dream home in Mexico?  There are many questions when considering this purchase. We had the same questions when our search began to expand our horizons, and enjoy the tropical paradise of Mexico’s premier destination.  Our dream of owning a property in Mexico has come true! We would like to help other people through the process.  We are Canadians that want to help fellow Canadians by sharing our experiences.

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In this training material you’ll learn:

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  • Why buy near Huatulco, Mexico?
  • What type of property to buy? Condo or single family home?
  • Why buy with a Canadian developer in Mexico?
  • Starting your search: Visit the online presentation.
  • Learn about Huatulco, Puerto Angel and the Oaxaca coastline.
  • The buying process – We have made it simple and secure.
  • How to make money from your investment.



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With this knowledge you can:

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  • Enjoy the authentic Mexican lifestyle with the possibility of a income generating property.
  • Realize important factors about enjoying and utilizing your property.
  • Feel comfortable getting around in the Huatulco, and Puerto Angel areas.
  • Feel at ease with the buying process while dealing with Canadian sales people.
  • Understand details about the closing process in Oaxaca, and how Canadian professionals can assist you.
  • Experience worry free rental income.

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Every Registrant will Receive:

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  • Invitation to our live events in other major Canadian cities.
  • Coupon Code for 1/2 price Stay and Play (with event attendance).
  • Eligible for a GRAND PRIZE – 1 Free Stay and Play (1 week accommodations at our luxury feature property ViewPoint at Puerto Angel)
  • Invitation to our webinar series on: How to Buy, Invest, Move-to and Live in Mexico.
  • Downloadable video of  Brent and Erin’s drive from Calgary to Puerto Angel, Mexico.
  • Downloadable Reports – Receive your electronic copy of our guide to the Oaxaca coast.

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