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How To Find Romance in Mexico

by Brent May

huatulco mexico romanceIf you’ve ever dreamt of meeting an attractive foreigner, kanoodling over exotic foods, walking hand in hand on the beach and dancing the night away to romantic ballads, then look no further.

Whether you’re looking for a casual fling, a travel companion or a serious relationship, we here at MexicoLiving.org will show you how to find romance in Mexico!

Keep an Open Mind

It’s important to keep in mind that finding romance in Mexico does not come with a magic spell, pill, equation or location. But if you’re willing to cast aside your inhibitions and be willing to explore new ventures, you’ll have success.

Branch out of your comfort zone. Be spontaneous. Engage in the Mexican and expat culture, and accept invitations to socialize with new groups of people. You just never know who you’re going to meet at the birthday party, golf retreat or farmers market. Your next love connection could be the best friend of your host, a musician in the band or another expat who just settled in two doors down.

Where to Go to Find Romance

If you’ve recently moved to Mexico, you may not know where to start finding singles in your area. No problem. We’ve got you covered.

  1. Local Clubs and Bars – If you like the sights and sounds of a thriving nightlife scene, there are all sorts of local watering holes to check out. From the neighborhood cantina to the five-star restaurant and lounge, there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet local and international patrons that could catch your eye.
  2. The Café around the Corner – Cafés and tea houses are ideal for those who enjoy a quiet moment. They can also provide a great meet-n-greet venue for those who want to check out those with similar interests in a relaxing and aromatic environment.
  3. Soak Up the Culture – Museums, libraries, open-air markets and festivals – these tend to attract others with similar interests. Strike up a conversation with attendees and see if a spark will ignite! Don’t forget to learn some Spanish. A language barrier can stunt a budding romance, so make an effort to learn at a few words and phrases at first and then add more to establish your budding Spanish vocabulary.
  4. Exploring the City – Mexico is an international destination, and because of its thriving travel and tourism industry, it has its fair share of day-trips and tours. Take advantage of what’s offered in your community. You’re likely to learn something new and meet Mr. or Miss Fabulous.
  5. Expat Groups – Don’t dismiss the opportunity to meet a man or woman from another country. Get involved in expat groups such as non-profit organizations, athletic teams and hobby-related groups.
  6. Set Yourself Up for Success – You know the saying, “Friends of a feather flock together,” is significant when it comes to dating. You have certain friends for a reason, so maybe their friends are worth meeting! Let them know that you’re looking, and you may just have a blind date set up for this weekend!
  7. Online Dating Sites – Mexico has its fair share of online dating services. It’s a great way to meet people whom you wouldn’t normally cross paths. Some sites offer free memberships, but if you want quality candidates and added access to their database, then consider making a small investment for better sites. Here are four of the most notable sites used in Latin America: 
  1. Cast a Wide Net – Dating is often a numbers game. The wider you cast your “dating net,” the more chances you’ll have to make a love connection.

A Final Thought

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a word about safety. No matter where you are in the world – even in our own safe community of Huatulco Mexico – be as safe as possible. Go out with a friend or in a group. Keep an eye out for shady dealings, listen to your instincts and keep your phone handy. Avoid drinks that are not made by a bartender or handed to you by a server. If someone is giving you the creeps, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.

We wish you all the best as you enjoy the adventure that is romance in Mexico.

If you have any additional ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to include what has – and hasn’t – worked for you as an expat in Mexico. 

And when you’re ready to make a love connection with a piece of dream real estate in Huatulco Mexico, then contact us. We’ll help you find your very own slice of paradise.

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