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How to Capitalize COVID-19 Real Estate Markets

by Brent May

U.S. real estate markets are hot right now, largely due to low interest rates, low supply/high demand, and especially the COVID-19 pandemic, political unrest, and safety concerns in urban areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle. Would-be buyers are looking to invest in the future and security of owning property, and this high-level interest has resulted in an increase in bidding wars which drives the prices up, up, up.

This is amazing news if you’re selling a home, but what if you need to buy something new after your place sells? You definitely don’t want to shell out top dollar (and then some) for what you want in a desired community.

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Consider buying outside of the United States and capitalizing on COVID-19 real estate markets in Mexico!

Mexico: A Real Estate No-Brainer

As we see it, homeowners have two options to maximize their profits while enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences of life in Mexico.

Option 1: Downsize in your home country and buy a property for part-time use in Mexico. (This could be very appealing if you’re looking for vacation rental income.)


Option 2: Sell what you have in your home country and buy a full-time property in Mexico. (That’s right, we have plenty of clients who turned the “pandemic lemon into lemonade” by moving to Mexico for good!)

A Strong U.S. Dollar

Right now, the U.S. dollar is very strong compared to the Mexican peso. This means that if you sell a property in the United States and use those funds to purchase a home in Mexico, you’re going to get more bang for your buck. Your dollars will stretch much further by giving you more affordable luxury. Think: more land, an ideal location, and/or additional services, such as housecleaning and maintenance.

Plus, the cost of living is much more affordable than what you’re experiencing back home, saving you money to experience more of Mexico and the chance to diversify your real estate investments.

Why Huatulco, Mexico

You’ll find myriad real estate opportunities in Mexico, but we strongly recommend that you put Huatulco, Mexico, on the top of your list.

Here are just some of the many reasons why:

  1. Huatulco is low-density, master-planned community with lots of green space.
  2. The infrastructure is accommodating with mid- to high-end shopping, high-quality, low-cost medical facilities, and an international airport.
  3. Home construction is still on the rise, which levels the cost and demand factors.
  4. The community is welcoming and diverse with lots of room for everyone to get involved.

Here to Help

If you have questions or would like personalized advice as it relates to your situation, please contact us to schedule a virtual chat.

We also invite you to join us for our free “How to Buy Property in Mexico” masterclass taking place on select dates.

We hope to you soon!

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Leslie Alon Fisher January 27, 2021 - 9:36 am

Love your site. I am thinking about selling a rental property I own in US and buying in Mexico. I’m getting mixed information about applying a 1031 Exchange on the US sale and buying in another country. Can you clarify if the US tax code allows that? Also, I would be interested in coming for a visit as soon as I get my passport current and wondered if you could direct me to a rental in your area for 3 adults staying about a week


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