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How to find a doctor online in Mexico

by Brent May



My wife Erin and I are often on the road. I had been needing to get to a dermatologist for a while but just hadn’t been able to fit it into my schedule. So, on one of our recent trips to Merida in the Yucatan, I decided to see if it could happen. Merida is a bigger city of about a million people. It has world-class health care options, and the range of services are extensive. Here is an article particularly about the health care infrastructure in Merida.


I’ve always been impressed with Mexico’s health care system and pricing that is affordable.  We have lots of blog articles about how the healthcare system works in Mexico. If you’d like to know more, get started here with one of our most popular blog articles: How To: Review of Health and Medical Insurance Options for Mexico.


In Merida, I went online to look for a dermatologist. I found an extensive listing of the dermatologists as well as their specialties, fees, contact information and reviews. Several offered the option to schedule a same-day appointment with a choice of time slots. I was able to find a dermatologist with great reviews and who spoke English. What’s more, I was also able to choose the doctor according to the neighborhood where I was running errands that day! This dermatologist did not have fees listed so I gave them a call ahead of time just to avoid any surprises.

I was told the office visit would be 500 pesos, or about $25 USD. I made the appointment for about an hour and a half later. Incredible.

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I arrived at the office; a nice, clean, modern office. The doctor saw me on time, spoke great English, did a thorough evaluation and wrote a prescription with recommendations of where I could pick up what I needed. I paid my 500 pesos and was on my way to my next appointments for the day in the same area.  I was happy to find a sanitized, comfortable, modern office, an attentive dermatologist and an affordable fee.



The main site for finding doctors in Mexico and scheduling appointments online is:


If you’re not finding all of the information you’re looking for on the site, you can cross reference the information on doctoralia.com.mx with a host of other sites. Yelp and Google reviews work well for finding other independent reviews. TripAdvisor sometimes has topics on doctors in particular towns. This is interesting because the thread is often started by an expat looking for advice and many times you can find great advice given by other expats.

Topdoctors.mx is another site similar to doctoralia.com.mx. This site usually works well in larger cities. E-consults are offered now through this site.



Don’t hesitate to go online to find the doctor you need. This is another of the things I love about Mexican healthcare. You can often get in to see a specialist on the same day. Imagine trying to do that in Canada or the States. Do you have an experience finding and scheduling a doctor’s appointment online?


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