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How to get a CT or CAT Scan in Huatulco

by Brent May


Huatulco has great healthcare facilities both public and private.  New services pop up in Huatulco and along the Oaxaca coast all the time. Now, Huatulco has new tomography facilities that provide CT and CAT scans.


Great news Huatulco!

You can now get CAT scans or CT in Centro de Salud (Dirreción de Salud) in Santa Maria Huatulco. The tomography machine was acquired during the last administration and has been put into operation by the current local government’s administration. The service is available to the general public. You will need a doctor’s prescription to have a scan. Then you will schedule an appointment at the Centro de Salud. Call the Centro de Salud or stop by for more information.

You will need to be accompanied for the procedure. If you are having a contrasted scan, you will need to fast and have your urea and creatinine results.

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What is a CT Scan?

Tomography is an x-ray technique for viewing a cross section produced by a penetrating wave. A CT scan (computerized tomography) and a CAT scan (computerized axial tomography) are the same thing. A CT scan is much more detailed for examining soft tissue than a simple x-ray. A CT scan is a computer-generated cross-sectional image with a series of x-rays taken around the body.

CT scans are diagnostic tools, useful in visualizing bones and organs. They may be used to diagnose bone damage, check for internal injuries, locate tumors, guide a procedure like a biopsy, guide radiation treatment, etc.

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How is the scan taken?

If you have never had a CT or CAT scan, you lay on a narrow table. It will move your body through what looks like a huge donut. You are not enclosed in it. So, if you are claustrophobic, do not worry. Inside that donut are special X-rays that make cross sectional images of your body.  

A diagnostician will move your body to the specific place they want to examine. The scanner will produce pictures – looking at the bones and other organs for unusual things. Or just to make sure everything is in the right place and normal. 

After the diagnostician finishes, they will send the images to the doctor. It is usually a quick process and you can get results the same day. 

The length of time and cost depend on what your doctor needs to examine and how many images it will take. But it is usually quick and at a very reasonable price, especially compared to up north.

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Where will you find tomography facilities in Huatulco?

Centro de Salud – Galeana SN, Centro de la Población, 70980 Santa María Huatulco, Oax., Mexico. Phone: 958 581 4350

Clinica Hospitalaria San Miguel –  They have a full list of their specialties on their Facebook page and at their website

Dr. Saavedra  – You can also have a CAT scan done outside of Pochutla with Dr. Saavedra in Gabinete Radiológico y Craneo Facial in El Colorado.  Phone: 958 585 9943

New medical facilities are springing up in the towns along our Pacific Coast in Oaxaca.  Between Huatulco, Pochutla and Puerto Escondido, you will find a wide offering of specialty doctors and services.

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