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Mike McQuaid, Our Local Real Estate Agent Talks About Having His Knee Replaced in Puerto Escondido

by Brent May

Mike McQuaid has lived in Puerto Escondido for several years after originally relocating to Puerto for a work opportunity. Excited about the vastness of opportunities arising in the rapidly developing Puerto Escondido market now, Mike began working with Bayside Real Estate in Puerto Escondido in 2021.

When Mike first decided to make the move to Puerto, he discovered that the town had a lot to offer and was quickly won over for its authenticity and lifestyle. His family loves it and they quickly committed to Puerto being their forever home for the great local scenes, ease of meeting people and quality of the beach lifestyle.

Mike and Marisol’s daughter played soccer in high school and had a knee issue that required surgery. A renowned specialist in Puerto Escondido, Dr. Argenis Mata Hernandez, a traumatologist orthopedist, worked with her and she had her ACL redone.


Mike’s Story

Mike had knee issues for years and decided to have the same doctor have a look at his knee because of the excellent experience with his daughter. In 2019, he had MRIs done of his knee. Based on those, the doctor suggested he could use the knee until he couldn’t use it anymore. Time passed and Mike and Marisol discovered a great tennis park in town, Lemon Park Tennis Club. They started playing a lot of tennis and what was sure to happen happened. Two years after first meeting with Dr. Argenis, Mike’s knee gave out. He still waited a bit. But finally decided that he needed to act.


Dr. Argenis Mata Hernandez, Puerto Escondido’s Surgeon Specializing in Orthopedics and Traumatology

He met again with Dr. Argenis. He was received immediately for a consultation. The doctor advised it was now time to take action on Mike’s knee.

Mike went home and talked with friends and expats about having his knee replacement done in Puerto Escondido. Many expats thought he would go back to Canada to have the surgery done. Others and local Mexican friends suggested he go to a bigger city. A lot of people have the tendency of going to Guadalajara or Mexico City to the bigger, fancier (equals more expensive) hospitals for big surgeries. It is believed that these places have more experienced and reputed surgeons and services. Taking his friends’ advice into account, Mike decided to get a second opinion.

He had a friend at the Angeles de las Lomas Hospital in Mexico City who offered to set up his appointments. He let his friend know on Friday that he was flying to Mexico City on Monday and that he would like to meet with the specialists to get an opinion. He flew to Mexico City on Monday. His friend had tests scheduled for him on Tuesday.  On Wednesday he met with the specialists. The doctors said that he could wait some but that no matter what, eventually, yes, the knee would need to be replaced.

Knowing Mike came in from Puerto Escondido, the doctor in Mexico City encouraged Mike to work with his local doctor. They explained the surgery would be much less expensive in Puerto.

Mike flew home and met with Dr. Argenis again. Dr. Argenis explained to Mike that he was indeed one of the reputed doctors who did work in all of those big hospitals in the big cities where people usually go for surgery. But he had chosen to change his lifestyle and was tired of the big city life. He moved to Puerto Escondido and opened his medical office in town and his medical clinic in La Barra.

Mike was encouraged and felt extremely lucky to be able to work with such a prominent doctor right in Puerto Escondido. Dr. Argenis sent Mike to get his prep work for surgery: blood tests, EKG and a chest x-ray. He met with the anesthesiologist who is Dr. Argenis’ wife.

On a Thursday and Friday, Mike had his blood tests done at the Angel del Mar clinic. The chest x-ray was done in the doctor’s office and also had the EKG done. Mike met with the doctor with all of his results and the doctor confirmed he was fit for the surgery.

He was scheduled in within a week for his knee replacement.


Post Surgery

Mike spent 2 nights in the clinic, spent 2 weeks with no movement and then 8 weeks on crutches. Within a month, he was doing therapy and then biking and swimming.


The Cost

In Mexico City at the bigger hospital, Mike was quoted between $15- $20, 000 USD for the procedure. The total cost to Mike in Puerto Escondido with Dr. Argenis was $7000 USD.

Mike went to rehab twice a week and then once a week as he progressed. His therapy sessions cost 300 pesos or $15 USD each.


What About Insurance?

Although, there are some health insurance options in Mexico, Mike has historically decided against buying health insurance. He is healthy, has no major medical concerns and he is comfortable with the Mexican healthcare system. He knows the costs and feels it’s something one has to weigh and be comfortable with. He prefers just to pay for anything he needs out of pocket. 

Many expats decide to not take out insurance because of the affordability the Mexican health care system offers. Others have health insurance that is valid from their insurance from the US (check with your carrier,) some choose to use the Mexican public health care that is available through your resident card status and others sometimes take out travel insurance.


Mike’s takeaways

Mike’s impressions from his experience are overwhelmingly positive. He says he is always impressed by just how much availability there is in the system. It is easy to get an appointment with a doctor and even specialists. There are typically no long waits. While this may be more conceivable in a smaller town like Puerto, he says that was his experience also in Mexico City. He was easily able to get his tests done and schedule a consultation with the specialists there.

From a practical perspective, he says the cost of care is very reasonable for procedures, therapies and medication.

But the incredible takeaway from his experience is that he realized that Dr. Argenis is a distinguished specialist in Mexico who also chose to come and live in Puerto Escondido for the lifestyle. This is a trend among other doctors and specialists in town. Many are tired of living in the big cities and tired of the pace. They have chosen to come and live in Puerto Escondido.

Mike says to be sure to see what local medical options are available for what you need. Puerto Escondido has grown. The secret of the quality lifestyle that can be lived on the Oaxaca Coast is out. He says you may be surprised by the quality of care you will find locally.

At four and a half months after surgery, Mike is playing pickleball and incredibly happy with his experience.

Mike loves hosting potential buyers not to show them floor plans but to introduce them to the Puerto experience and lifestyle. To show them what life can be in Puerto. He’s happy to help clients who are at the right place at the right time get in on the Puerto Escondido market.

Join Mike McQuaid on a Bayside Stay and Play experience by getting in touch today. Contact us here.


Dr. Argenis Mata Hernandez

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