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How To Get Through the Airport More Quickly

by Brent May

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Ask any traveler to describe their most stressful experience while flying and most will have some sort of negative experience about airport inconveniences and frustrations. From losing a bag to missing a flight,  everyone has a pre or post-flight horror story.

But getting from the check in line to your destination doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Check our 10 steps to breezing through the airport and arriving to your tropical destination ready for a wonderful time. 

Fly at Off-Peak Times: Choosing the very first or very last flight of the day is a great option to avoiding the crowds. 

Get Priority Status – If you are a frequent flyer it may be beneficial to become part of an Airline loyalty programs. These programs offer quicker check-ins including quicker access through security .

Pick Your Seat Wisely – Using miles or airline loyalty programs can help you get the best seat. In order to be up and out of the plane as quickly as possible, choose an aisle seat at the front. This is key!

Check in Online – Thanks to smartphones it is easier than ever to check in for your flight. With a few simple taps on your phone you can get checked in, select your seat and set your carry on baggage amount. 

Watch and Learn – Check out the travel ‘pros’ around you. They are the suit-wearing savvy business travelers with the Tumi luggage.  Business travelers know how to choose fast lines and move through them quickly. If you can get behind them in a line you can watch, learn and have the advantage of being behind a speedy traveler.

Don’t Forget Your Laptop – If you are traveling with a laptop or device remember to take it out and put it in a separate bin through security.

Dress for Speedy Success – Keeping the metal to a minimum in your travel attire will allow you to breeze through the machines in the security line so you can get to your gate. And don’t forget to empty your pockets of all that change as well.

Carry-on and Coast In – Getting away on a short vacation or tropical destinations require less clothing to take. What do you need really? Pack the swimsuit, flip flops and cover up and avoid checking a bag. This is a great way to avoid those pesky baggage fees, but you can skip the baggage claim and breeze on through. When you land you can grab your bag on the plane and head to the nearest exit. 

Keep Your Passport Handy – You know you are going to need it. Why not keep it as handy as possible. We suggest keeping your passport in the front pouch of your carry on bag.

Watch Your Liquids – Make sure you remove that bottle of water and all other large bottled liquids from your bag. If you must take liquid you can check the bag it is in or ensure it meets the minimum ounce requirements with your airline. And don’t forget to to bring or use the provided plastic bags for your liquids into.

By following these steps you can avoid those pesky line ups and get through the airport quicker resulting in a stress-free trip from check in to check out.

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