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How to Navigate 2022’s Mexico Immigration Changes

by Brent May

The INM, Instituto Nacional de Migración instituted some changes to immigration procedures at the beginning of 2022. Here, we outline the latest changes.

Keep in mind that as a tourist, it is becoming more difficult to obtain a 6-month or 180-day stay, especially if you do them frequently. In the past, this was almost automatic but since fall of 2021, authorities have complete discretion on how much time to extend when you enter the country. You will need proof of reservations for your stay and a return ticket in order to try to receive the full 6 months. However, neither of these are guarantees that you will receive the full 6 months for a tourist stay. This is why we recommend you get your visa if you are coming frequently to Mexico.


Where can I find out how to get a visa for Mexico?

Our recent articles about obtaining visas for Mexico take into account the new conditions outlined below. If you want to stay in Mexico for longer than 6 months and up to 4 years, you can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa, residente temporal. This visa applies for remote workers, retirees and anyone wishing to stay for more than 6 months. Read our article here about How to Get a Temporary Resident Permit.  If you have an employer sponsor and want to get a visa to work in Mexico, read our article, How to Get a Work Visa for Mexico. And if you would like to get a Permanent Visa for staying more than 4 years, read our article, How to Get a Permanent Resident Visa.

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What are the latest INM changes?

The INM made 6 significant changes to immigration procedures at the beginning of 2022.

The financial requirements increased for visas. This is no surprise as these requirements are frequently updated. This is why we always recommend you check with the Mexican consulate where you will apply for your entry visa for your temporary or permanent resident visa to check. Although financial requirements are nationally mandated, there can be differences from one consulate to another. Be sure to check with your consulate.

Meeting the financial requirements or proving economic solvency is the most popular way of getting a visa. Generally, for the temporary status, to prove economic solvency, you must prove you have between $2400-2700 USD in monthly income. This was upped from $1643 USD per month previously. Or you can show you have savings of $45,000 USD in your accounts for the last 12 months. You will show your bank statements to prove this.

The financial requirements for permanent residency also increased to $4300-4500 USD per month or $180,000 USD in savings and investments in the past 12 months.

Again, exact amounts vary from consulate to consulate. Email your consulate and keep a record of the conversation. Print it out for reference during the process and to show the amounts you were told.

Secondly, although previously there was more gray area about who could ask directly for permanent residency, it is becoming clearer that permanent resident applicants must be retired. However, this condition is at the discretion of the consulate and officers.

Next, many INM offices in Mexico no longer accept walk-ins. You will need to make an online appointment.  Some INM offices may ask you to come early in the morning to get an appointment slot for the same day.

Temporary residency cards increased in price to 4739 pesos and permanent residency cards to 5776 pesos.

You will be glad to know that some INM offices don’t require photos. As they take the biometric fingerprints, many offices now also take photos. The INM will tell you this in Mexico.

Lastly, the turnaround time has been shortened once you apply for the residency card in the second step of the process in Mexico. Once all of your paperwork is turned in, you should get your card quickly.

Now you know the latest changes in the Mexican immigration process. If you are ready to to make the move to Mexico and buy your dream home, we are here to help. Contact us today to see what homes fit your wish list.

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