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Huatulco International Airport Expansion Completion

by Brent May

Huatulco Airport Banner ImageThe completion of the Huatulco International Airport Expansion is set for November 2015. 

Most importantly the Huatulco International Airport expansion will bring more flights and increase access to Huatulco from both old and new markets.  An extended runway was completed in order to except new flights from Europe.  Our source at the Huatulco Hotel Association confirms new flights are expected from Europe in May of 2016.  New flights continue to be announced from both Canada and the USA each year. 

The completion of the multimillion dollar Huatulco International Airport expansion gives the airport the ability to receive move more visitors from the runway to immigration and the baggage area.  It also allows visitors better access and more choices to be moved comfortably from the airport by bus, taxi and sedans to nearby hotels and vacation properties, most that are only 15 to 25 minutes away. 

The airport also received a fresh new image with more restaurants and boutiques to make passing time at the airport more enjoyable for travelers.

Regardless of all of this positive change and expansion we believe the thought will cross you mind when flying in that this has to be the cutest little airport you ever did see.


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