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Huatulco Hotel Infrastructure

by Brent May

IMG-20140810-WA0001Huatulco (Wa-Tool-Co) Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ka) Mexico is starting to become a well-known and popular eco-resort destination.   Huatulco is known for its 9 bays and 36 beaches spread over a beautiful rocky coastline as it is where the Sierra Madre mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.  Huatulco is also known for its consistent climate of a year round temperature of 30C (86F) and 340 days of sun leaving very few rainy days that mostly happen in the evening.  Many people do not know about the level of commitment to the environment in Huatulco with infrastructure such as sewage treatment, water reuse and water filtration programs as well as restrictions on development ensuring the beaches and ocean will stay clear and clean for years to come.  Because of this Huatulco has been awarded many prestigious honors such as The Green Globe Award, rounding it out to be the perfect year round resort destination.

huatulco real estateFonatur is a government organization that develops infrastructure in areas of Mexico to help tourism in the country.  In the past they have developed such areas as Cancun, Ixtapa, Laredo and Cabo San Lucas, and now the focus is on Huatulco with billions of dollars already invested and more in the master plan.  In addition to the infrastructure mentioned above, wide, paved and palm lined streets were created, a golf course built and now renovated and all of these watered by Huatulco’s water reuse program.  A public marina and cruise ship dock was built in Santa Cruz as well as a private marina in Chahue in order to hold tour boats and private yachts.  An International airport was built and recently expanded with a longer runway for flights from Europe, an additional terminal and more shops and areas for buses and vans were  built to facilitate the higher demand of people travelling to the area.  More flights are landing in Huatulco especially from Canada with 13 direct flights a week from 8 Canadian cities in high season and a growing market in the USA.  Lastly, a new super highway has been slated that will connect Huatulco to Puerto Escondido and up to the state capital Oaxaca City cutting the existing 7 hour drive to an estimated 3 hours.  Although development has been slow due to development restrictions as well as the effects of changing governments and global economic factors the development has kept moving forward at a slow and steady pace.

This tropical paradise is billed as “the best kept secret in Mexico’’, but with all of the infrastructure being developed the slow and steady pace is starting to pick up and real estate prices are on the rise.  The demand for hotels is also on the rise.  Existing large high-end hotels such as Quinta Real and Camino Real are accompanied by all-inclusive hotels such as Las Brisas, Barcelo, and Dreams in Tangolunda Bay.  The area has recently welcomed a brand new massive hotel called Secrets Resort and Spa in Conjeos Bay.   These large hotels are complimented by many smaller boutique hotels in Huatulco and along the coast to central areas like La Boquilla, Zipolite, San Agustinillo and onward to boutique and many surfer hotels in Puerto Escondido.

Secrets Huatulco

Secrets Huatulco

As the volume of tourism increases so does the demand for new hotels and the hotel chains are noticing Huatulco.  One of the most talked about is the Riu, a very large high end hotel chain that has purchased land in Conejos Bay.  The hotel is projected to be a 500+ room hotel and the chain is famous for building from start to finish in 9 to 12 months.   Melía Hotels International is building a new hotel in partnership with Fonatur. It will operate under the Paradisus brand, and represents a US $120 million investment.   A new 60 room Holiday Inn Express is near completed,  finishing off a vacant area around the Santa Cruz Marina.   The Binniguenda 4 Star All-Inclusive Hotel has recently received a massive face lift increasing its market share in Santa Cruz Huatulco.  The demand for travelers is also fulfilled by many vacation rentals in the area as many vacation property owners like to see a return on their investment.  1 to 4 bedroom condos as well as multi-bedroom houses can accommodate couples, friends and extended families for their vacation needs.   Some of these vacation properties include concierge and other services that many of the large resorts offer in a more intimate setting.

There is no doubt Huatulco is hitting the global map with the infrastructure being created. Huatulco’s hotel infrastructure is ramping up and ready for your next visit.   There is an adventure, beach and umbrella drink for everyone’s taste here.  We also know there is an accommodation for everyone’s wants and needs on any given weel as well.  We hope to see you in Huatulco soon and hear about your accommodations and overall experience and if you are like us, the main reasons why you fell in love with the area.


Brent and Erin May

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