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The New Oaxaca Coast to Oaxaca City Highway: A Vital Infrastructure Project Nearing Completion

The Barranca Larga - Ventanilla Highway

by Brent May

El Parcial

The construction of the Barranca Larga – Ventanilla Highway in Oaxaca, Mexico, has been a topic of discussion due to its significant cost and importance in enhancing transportation infrastructure in the region, linking the Oaxaca coast to Oaxaca City, Mexico City and further. With an estimated cost of 10.5 billion Mexican pesos, this ambitious project now connects various municipalities and improves access to the coast. In this article, we will delve into the details of this highway project, its financial implications, and its expected impact.


Connecting Communities and Enhancing Infrastructure

The Barranca Larga – Ventanilla Highway is a massive infrastructure project covering a 104-kilometer stretch of road. This impressive highway encompasses ten bridges, three tunnels, two viaducts, two toll booths, and fifteen junctions, running through fifteen municipalities. The design features a 12-meter-wide road with 2.5-meter shoulders, and it is expected to handle an estimated 4,253 vehicles per day.

The goal of the highway project is to improve connectivity not only between the coast and the capital but also between these communities, making transportation more efficient and promoting economic growth in the region. As we look at the substantial 10.5 billion peso budget, the benefits in terms of regional development and improved transportation have made it a vital endeavor.


Cost Estimates and Toll Booths

The cost of the Barranca Larga – Ventanilla Highway has been a subject of discussion and scrutiny. The 10.5 billion peso price tag has raised concerns among various stakeholders. The project’s cost includes the construction of the highway itself, the associated infrastructure such as tunnels and bridges, and other expenses.

It has been confirmed that there will be two toll booths along this 104-kilometer route, one located in Barranca Larga (at kilometer 1 + 500) and the other in Ventanilla (at kilometer 92 + 000). The specific toll charges have not been disclosed yet. This information will be determined jointly by Banobras and the Secretaría de Infraestructura, Comunicaciones y Transportes (SICT) at the federal level.


Timeline and Delays

The construction of the Barranca Larga – Ventanilla Highway has experienced many delays. According to the latest information, the governor of Oaxaca, Salomón Jara Cruz, said in an article in El Imparcial,  the construction company has stated that different stages of the last projects along the highway will be finally finished In November. He added that the company reported that due to a drain of engineers and construction workers in building the Tren Maya in Yucatan, the country is at a loss of personnel for other important projects. 

Although motorists began using the uncompleted highway in the summer, it was forcefully closed in August because of safety concerns so that work could continue without being interrupted by traffic. The road remains closed to traffic.



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