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Puerto Escondido Airport’s Upcoming Transformation: A Look at the Extensive Renovation

by Brent May


Puerto Escondido is the most populated city on the Oaxacan coast and continues to grow in terms of visitors and new residents. People love Puerto Escondido for its stunning beaches and world-class surfing, vibrant culture, and laid-back lifestyle. The Puerto Escondido International Airport, only 15 minutes away from town is set to undergo a significant renovation to welcome international flights with bigger jets and to enhance the overall travel experience for both domestic and international visitors.

Airports of Mexico Group recently attended the Routes America conference in Chicago, informing airlines that the newly renovated airport will be open for business in summer of 2024. The group proposed partnership in opening new routes and sees a lot of demand from California, Dallas, Ontario, Vancouver and South America.


Enhanced Accessibility

The primary goal of the Puerto Escondido Airport renovation is to improve accessibility. While the airport has served travelers efficiently in the past, it’s time for an upgrade to accommodate the increasing number of flights and passengers. From current figures of around 800,000 passengers per year, growth is expected to reach 3.5 million passengers. The expansion will include a larger terminal building with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Until now, Puerto Escondido has been served only by making a connection in Mexico City. Juan Calderon, Chief Operations Officer of Aeropuertos Mexicanos said in an interview reporting on the Routes Americas conference in Chicago, that the goal is reduced flight time for passengers by providing direct international flights.


State-of-the-Art Terminal

The heart of this renovation project is the construction of a state-of-the-art terminal building. This new terminal will increase passenger capacity and provide a more inviting and convenient space for travelers. The modern design will incorporate energy-efficient features and sustainable materials, aligning with Puerto Escondido’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

The terminal will feature expanded check-in and security areas, self-service kiosks, more gates, and a spacious waiting area. Technology is being upgraded with a new Building Management System, Amadeus for passenger procuring and Alstef for baggage handling.  Passengers can look forward to improved baggage handling and customs facilities, resulting in shorter wait times and a smoother arrival process. Additionally, the terminal will host a range of services such as restaurants, shops, and car rental options, offering travelers greater convenience during their visits.

Plans are to expand runways for larger aircrafts and international flights. New hangars, a renovated control tower, a large parking lot, car rental area are planned. Roads have been modernized already with the Highway 200 project linking the towns along the Oaxaca coast.


Increased International Connectivity

The upgraded Puerto Escondido Airport is expected to boost the region’s international connectivity. While it has primarily served domestic flights, the expansion is anticipated to attract more international airlines, opening up new possibilities for direct routes.


Sustainability Principles

Puerto Escondido is committed to preserving its natural beauty and environmental resources. The airport renovation project is aligned with this vision of sustainability. Alberto Kalach, the project’s architect, has designed the renovation to include:

  • using open spaces with natural ventilation so there is minimal need for AC,
  • the use of eco-friendly building materials
  • the use of solar panels to supply most of the airport’s energy.


Meet the Architect, Alberto Kalach

Alberto Kalach, a distinguished Mexican architect, is celebrated for his groundbreaking designs merging nature with urban spaces. Born in 1960 in Mexico City, Kalach’s architectural journey is defined by a deep commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. His designs often feature lush greenery, using vegetation as a fundamental component of his projects to create harmonious and eco-conscious spaces.

Kalach is widely recognized for his contributions to various public and cultural projects across Mexico, including his transformative work in Puerto Escondido. Taller de Arquitectura X/ Alberto Kalach has designed many high-profile projects in Puerto Escondido like the Fundación Casa Wabi, Hotel Terrestre, Casa Sforza, Escondido and Zicatela House.

Beyond Puerto Escondido, his architectural endeavors have received international acclaim for their commitment to environmental responsibility, solidifying his reputation as a prominent figure in the field of sustainable architecture.

The upcoming renovation of the Puerto Escondido Airport is a significant milestone. With improved accessibility, a state-of-the-art terminal, increased international connectivity, and a positive impact on the local economy, the transformation of this airport promises to enhance the overall travel experience.


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