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The House Specialty: Huatulco Real Estate

by Erin May

house_special_huatulcoIf you’re like most travelers to Mexico, you probably love to scoop up scrumptious edibles. From taco stands to five-star dining, you can eat like a king. It’s just knowing what to order that holds the challenge. 

Most well-traveled experts will tell you to order the house specialty. Nine times out of ten, you’ll be begging for more by the end of the dining experience. 

Why? Because the house specialty is just that – special. Sometimes it’s made by an expert or the ingredients are produced locally. But whatever the reason, the house specialty encapsulates the aroma, flavor and essence of the restaurant and dare we say, the community. 

The same can be said when investing in Mexican real estate. There are endless “menu” options, but as real estate investors and now developers, we are confident in saying, “Go with the house specialty.” 

So what is the house specialty in Mexico? Huatulco Mexico.   

With its small-town personality and to-die-for natural beauty, Huatulco (wah-tool-co) is what The New York Times once referred to as the “Anti-Cancun.” 

Virtually untouched by over-the-top tourist traps, this tropical destination distinguishes itself from other Mexican seaside destinations. Community members work hard to maintain its pristine bays and beaches, jungle and waterfalls. 

Not to mention, the “just be you” vibe is alive and well, perfect for those who want to “chill” beachside and get the sand between their toes.                                            

And all of this “atmosphere” makes a perfect backdrop for the financially-savvy investor who is ready to make his or her vacation rental or primary residence purchase.

Right now is the perfect time to “make your real estate order.” From untouched land for sale to single family homes and from luxury condos to beachfront villas, the selection is unlimited.

And what makes this house specialty even more special? You’d be getting in early enough to still “scoop up those scrumptious” beachside properties that will suit your tastes and budget.

Beachfront VillasCosmo_Shared_1

If you’ve always dreamt of owning a spacious beachfront villa, Huatulco Mexico is worth checking out.

Secluded 3 and 4 bedroom villas boast of stylish furnishings, ample room for entertaining and infinity pools with sun-warmed chaise loungers. In fact, each of our Huatulco beachfront villas come with modern-day amenities and breath-taking shoreline views.

What makes these villas so enticing is the “built with nature in mind” design. Each is built into the setting. Trees, rocks and rugged cliffs become a part of its landscaping. To get to the rolling waves, simply take the path that leads to fun in the sun. Relax in the warm Mexican sun, either alone, with someone special or while getting to know the neighbors from a few villas down.

Oceanside_Marina-ViewLuxury Condos

Blue skies. Warm water. The comforts of home. You get it all of this and more with Huatulco real estate condos. Whether you’re a single person, couple or family, you’ll love the tasteful simplicity that our luxury condos have to offer.


Spacious rooms, tailored décor and ocean views set the stage for deluxe indoor living. Outside, the infinity pool, sun-drenched deck, terraced gardens and nearby conveniences make these easy-to-get to locations irresistible.


Intimate, quiet and secure, lofts are the “twinkle in the eye” of Huatulco real estate. With 1 and 2 bedroom options, these all-in-one dwellings come with a hip new way of maximizing your real estate investment and Huatulco’s worry-free lifestyle.

Land for Sale

There is plenty of land for sale in Huatulco Mexico, and now’s a great time for investors to purchase prime real estate in the most exclusive areas of Huatulco. Whether you are shopping for beachside or inland land options, you’ll find breathtaking stretches of property and profitable potential.

sector-o-huatulco-1Single Family Homes

Privacy is key when owning Huatulco single family homes. Many are located in quiet, secure communities, just a short walk to the beach, market, school, bank and medical clinic.

Smartly designed, each single family home is built with convenience in mind. Serve your latest culinary creation in a modern-day kitchen or entertain loved ones poolside on the private patio. Or simply relax with a good book and umbrella-ed drink. The space and luxury is yours.

So if you’re ready to go with the house specialty in Huatulco Mexico, contact us today. We’d be happy to give you as much information as you need to capture the “essence, flavor and aroma” of Huatulco real estate.

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Louis Peralte October 20, 2020 - 2:54 pm

I am looking for at least 1 acre of waterfront land. I mean waterfront not waterview. I need to have my boat behind my house. I also need a good architect who will follow my own plan > tell me how much approximately it will cost for 1 acre waterfront, not isolated, near already existing luxury neighborhood.

Erin May November 24, 2020 - 6:43 pm

Hi Louis, thank you for contacting us! Yes, we will have someone from our sales team reach out to you right away. Cheers, Erin May


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