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Mazatlan’s Innovative Approach to Security and Infrastructure

Enhancing Security in Mazatlán: City Establishes Civil Police Force

by Brent May

In a move that underscores the city’s commitment to safety and security, Mayor Édgar González Zataráin announced the creation and implementation of the “Civil Police” in Mazatlán. This innovative initiative brings more peace of mind to current residents and those looking to invest in this cosmopolitan coastal city.


A Reassuring Shift

The introduction of the Civil Police force is having a positive impact on the security landscape of Mazatlán. It’s a significant shift that reflects the local government’s dedication to making the city even safer for residents and visitors. The plan involves relocating armed police officers who were guarding various establishments and buildings, such as museums and cultural venues, and deploying them to neighborhoods where their presence will be even more effective in ensuring the security of local residents.


A Dynamic Centro Histórico

Mazatlán’s Centro Histórico is the heart of the city. With a mix of colonial, European vibes and an authentic Mexican experience, the Centro Histórico is the art, theatre and culinary capital of the city. The tourism police are always present in this vibrant downtown area with its colonial European vibes, plazas, cafés, boutiques, and courtyard restaurants.

The police force has focused on keeping the downtown area free from afterhours noise, drinking on the streets and speeding. They enforce public order and have also prohibited the entrance of pulmonias (the iconic open-air taxis) and racers (ATVs, 4 wheelers, etc.) in the downtown area. Private vehicles have also been prohibited on the beaches since 2021.

The downtown is always well-maintained, has good lighting with new and more lights. A lighting beautification project is underway to illuminate downtown buildings. A project for an arched entranceway into downtown is also underway.


Civilian Police for Added Security

A new group of civilian police officers stepped in to take over the important task of safeguarding the city’s buildings and establishments. Unlike the armed officers, these civilian police officers do not carry weapons, as the locations they are assigned to typically have no items that could be targeted by potential thieves.

This strategic move not only optimizes the allocation of law enforcement resources but also reassures real estate investors that security in Mazatlán remains a top priority. By redirecting the efforts of armed officers to the neighborhoods, the city’s security apparatus becomes even more robust and responsive to the needs of local communities.


Collaboration and Resource Allocation

Mayor Édgar González Zataráin leads the charge, working closely with the Municipal Public Security Department under the guidance of Othoniel Barrón Valdez to ensure the civilian group is adequately funded and continues to serve the community.


Brightening the City

In addition to this proactive step, the city of Mazatlán is investing in its infrastructure with the acquisition of more than 30,000 new lamps. These lamps will illuminate key areas of the city, enhancing visibility and security. The first phase of installing 10,000 new lamps is underway.

These measures not only underscore the city’s commitment to security but also its dedication to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. As Mazatlán continues to evolve and prioritize the well-being of its residents and visitors, it remains an attractive coastal destination for real estate investment and retirement living.

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