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Why the Aguamarina Development in Mazatlan is so Prestigious…. And How To Get in Early

Designed by Francisco González Pulido, World Renowned Mexican-American Architect Focused on Sustainability

by Brent May

Francisco González Pulido is an architect who has made a name for himself by creating original, innovative designs focusing on lightness and sustainability around the world. His unique approach, combining rational and intuitive phases and elements, has earned him numerous accolades and awards over the years. In this article, we will introduce you to the architect and his innovative, sustainable design of the new Aguamarina project in Mazatlan.

Francisco González Pulido was born in Mexico City in 1970. He studied architecture at the Tec de Monterrey and later earned a Master’s from Harvard Design School. He has worked with some of the most prestigious architecture firms in the world, including Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and Murphy/Jahn which was rebranded JAHN where he became partner and then president. He opened his own firm in 2017, FGP Atelier based in Chicago.


Architectural Style & Philosophy

Pulido’s architectural style is characterized by its ability to blend with the natural environment while also providing innovative solutions for urban spaces. His designs are often inspired by Mexican culture and architecture, and he incorporates traditional techniques into his work to create a unique, contemporary aesthetic. He says his projects are provocative in the sense of looking at the possibilities of what can be done.

The idea of using less is one overarching theme that connects all works by Gonzalez-Pulido. He says he strives for lightness and that his projects are about pushing the limits of the minimal.

“Building light is not only a theoretical but an ethical position …. Lightness is physical and metaphysical. It is about minimizing, simplifying, it is the endless search for technological frontiers in architecture. Getting to the limit of things … how transparent we can make something that protects us … how lightly we can make something that resists natural forces … lightness is more than a concept. It is an issue of vital importance that resonates deeply with our civilization, cities and lives.”


Major projects

One of Pulido’s major works is the McCormick Place West Expansion in Chicago, Illinois. His design incorporated sustainable features such as a green roof and a rainwater collection system, as well as innovative design elements like a curving metal facade that mimics the nearby Lake Michigan waves.

Another notable project by Pulido is the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world. He worked on this project while at SOM, and his design included features such as a spiraling facade that enhances the tower’s energy efficiency, and a public park at the base of the building that provides green space for the surrounding community.

Aguamarina, Mazatlan

Most recently, Pulido has been working on the Aguamarina project in Mazatlan, Mexico. This development is a mixed-use complex that includes luxury residential units, a hotel, and retail space. The project is located on the Malecon beachfront and is designed with an atypical concept and volumetry.  The development is becoming a truly emblematic landmark not only for Mazatlan, but for all of Mexico.

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The design of the Aguamarina project is inspired by the ocean and marine life. The curving lines of the buildings evoke the movement of waves, and the facades are made of materials that mimic the textures of coral and seafoam. The interior spaces are designed to be light and airy, with large windows that provide expansive views of the ocean.

Sustainable Design & Technology

One of the most innovative features of the Aguamarina project is the use of sustainable technology. The buildings are designed to be energy efficient, with features like solar panels and a rainwater collection system. The development includes a seawater desalination plant that provides fresh water for the complex.

Our expertise in sustainable design is the result of decades of research on built and unbuilt projects and of data collection from completed buildings.”

Pulido’s design for the Aguamarina project is not only visually stunning but also socially responsible. The development includes public spaces with parks and plazas that are open to the surrounding community, and the retail space is designed to support local businesses.

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In addition to his work on the Aguamarina project, Pulido has also been involved in several important projects in Mexico, including the design of the new Monterrey International Airport, the reimagining of the historic San Juan de Dios Market in Guadalajara, 20,000-seat Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium for the team Diablos Rojos in Mexico, and the Orchid Pavillion in the Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca, challenging the architect to keep the image of Santo Domingo intact from the street.

If you’d like to get in early, you can check out more details about the Aguamarina development and opportunities here. Fill out the form on the page and our agents will be in touch. The development houses condos with many different floor plans including lofts, condos and penthouses with large terraces and ocean or city view options. It is ideally located, has two oceanfront infinity pools, SPA, game & yoga room, GYM, tunnel to beach, paddle court, pet friendly area and more! You will access the beach directly through a tunnel that takes you from the bottom of the elevator over to the beach.

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