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Measures of Safety in Mexico

by Brent May

Safety in MexicoSafety in Mexico continues to be the prime concern for travelers and tourists.

The vibrant sunshine of Mexico has the ability to tempt the most earnest of souls. The country is rich in culture and history. In Mexico, visitors will always be ordained with mind blowing amusements and entertainment. The pacific beaches, scuba diving, clean surfing areas and unbeaten coral reefs have made Mexico impeccable. With a hodgepodge of possibilities and opportunities, and has to be handled in a responsible manner. While the odds are that any trip to Mexico will be a safe experience, this list gives an account of the essential safety principles and prospective safety guidelines for tourists.

Know your hotels

Safety in Mexico starts with the hotels. Visitors are advised to pick hotels or resorts that are well known and are close to popular locations and airports. It is also wise to ask your hotel or vacation property Manager if there are some areas of the city you should avoid.

Know your groups

Safety in Mexico becomes straightforward and painless if tourists travel in groups. Travelling alone in the dark should be avoided.  This will reduce the risk of thefts, muggings or kidnappings.  Travelers  should never leave a club alone, walk down empty streets or stay back in isolated places.

Know your neighbors

 The oneighborld saying of “Don’t trust Strangers” is alive in Mexico. During vacations foreign travelers tend to meet new people. Although there are wonderful and trustworthy locals all over Mexico, it is wise to be watchful and alert when spending time with strangers.


Know your beverages

limitSafety in Mexico will be much more enjoyable if enthusiastic travelers drink within considerable levels. Thought and judgment may be impaired when alcohol consumption increases and people tend to let their guard down.  To avoid getting into an unsafe situation it is wise to choose a designated sober person in your group.


Know your edibles


At all times, avoid drinks and edible items from strangers. Predators may unknowingly slip predatory drugs to you that may cause slurred speech, blurred vision and mental confusions.  It is wise to drink bottled beer or keep a watchful eye on your beverages.



Know your cash


People with a minimal amount of cash are much safer. Thus it is wise to have a lower amount of valuables. Carrying an ATM card becomes handy, as the risk ordained by theft would be reduced. You can also carry a money belt under your clothes to conceal cash.



Know your emergency numbers

911emergencyEvery country has its unique emergency numbers. Safety in Mexico concludes with knowing the unique three digit number of the area you are traveling to. Travelers must be aware of the nation’s emergency digits. This could save them from adverse and troubles scenarios. The emergency service has to be focused with a greater height of heed and apprehension by potential tourists and locals.

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