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Best Places to Retire – Why Mexico is Top Rated

by Alice Genes

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Mexico is one of the best places to retire.

The country is sought out by many retirement communities. Numerous individuals have considered Mexico to be an ideal location for short term holidays and long term retirements. Mexico is grooved with a “low living cost”. Potential entrepreneurs and businessmen have invested few million dollars in the coastal regions of Mexico. With a string of northern shores and coral reefs, Mexico is one of the finest places to retire.

Tempting the weakest souls – Lake Chapala

The magical street of Lake Chapala has the ability tempt the weakest souls. The breathtaking city has a simple lifestyle and remarkable culture. Lake Chapala has a large number of villages and towns. It is regarded as a jewel of artists, charms and services. Lake Chapala is one the best places to retire if anyone demands for horse chopping, women weaving, salsa dancing and “live” music. Chapala has everything under the sun.

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Living in rain – Baja California

Baja California is also one of the best places to retire. The city has a reasonable level of rain fall. Ensenada which belongs to Baja is half Mexican and half Californian. Travelling to and from Baja is exceptionally easy. Anyone who dreams of living in Mexico and America “to the fullest” would opt for Baja California.

The musical towns – San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The well to do city is packed with world class music, magnificent art works and mouth watering restaurants. The global city is amongst the top destinations for investment and retirement.

The colonial cities – Guadalajara

The second largest city of Mexico is also ranked in the midst of best places to retire. With a package of amazing weather, picture perfect scenes and inexpensive living, Guadalajara is ideal for retirees. The big but inexpensive city has a friendly town atmosphere. Retirees who are used to excellent nightlife can opt for Mexico’s second largest city.

Art and Museum – Merida Yucatan

The old colonial city of Merida Yucatan is furthermore one of the best places to retire. All year round, the city depicts off high humidity and warm temperatures. Merida in Yucatan has splendid amenities. Several expatriate residents stumble upon the “bays of Yucatan” filled with art, museums and markets.

A paramount destination – Oaxaca

Oaxaca concludes to be one of the paramount places to retire. Living costs are low and expats and young retirees fancy over its impressive ambience. A retired couple can live for half the cost as they would in Canada or the U.S. without sacrificing the luxuries they are used to.  The average cost of living per month is between $1500-$1700 CDN.  

The land of seafood – Mazatlan

The resort city of Mazatlan is ranked amongst the best places to retire for seafood! The unique town is made of lovely downtowns and great restaurants. Living in the resorts of Mazatlan is ideal for budget tight retirees. The family friendly city is idyllic for audacious investors.

Mexico encompasses of quite a lot of best places to retire. Finding the idealistic place depends on the requirements and requisites of potential patrons. The country is filled with immense beauty. Mexico is desired by retirees who want to retreat and enjoy a slow paced life with extensive relaxation.

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