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Mexico Real Estate 2022 Market Report and Looking Ahead in 2023

2022 was an amazing year for real estate in Mexico

by Brent May

After 2020 when we all went through such improbable changes, 2021 was a record-breaking sales year, one of the strongest years ever for real estate in all of Mexico and for Huatulco, Puerto Escondido and the Yucatan in particular. In 2022, Bayside had another unparalleled year.  The volume and value of coastal sales increased on the coast. People began retiring early, realizing life is too short to wait. More people have job location flexibility. And, investors are putting their money into places and investments with beach access, marina access and ocean front real estate where they feel secure.


Opening in a New Market in 2022: Mazatlan

What’s so special about this destination? I look for a market that is going to change, that has incredible amounts of opportunity, for appreciation, for growth, for rental revenue investment.  Mazatlán vacation rentals are strong in both summer and winter. But that’s not all. It’s not all about the money. We’re also looking for places that have an exceptional quality of life investment

Mazatlan is just that. It provides a unique opportunity. Our first trip to Mexico in 1995 was to Mazatlan. We’ve followed this destination and watched it unfold. Mazatlan fits a buyer looking for an urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle… on the beach! It’s a city of 500,000 people. There’s lots of history and phenomenal flight access.

The city is in transformation. It is having a resurge thanks to the municipal, state and federal governments all working together. Mazatlan has beautiful beaches with different personalities and a 28-kilometre beach walk. There is a strong health and wellness vibe. There are pathways all over the city, a brand-new soccer stadium, baseball stadium, huge city park, aquarium, and IMAX Theatre, just to name a few.

If you’re looking for a beach lifestyle with an urban feel, Mazatlan is for you. Come and check it out with our Stay & Play.


Yucatan State

Like Mazatlan, there is also an important port Progreso in the Yucatan, keeping the economy strong and keeping investment projects coming in. The economy is strong in the Yucatan. The federal government is investing lots of money in Progreso helping beautify the area around the port.  Lots of cruise ships coming in. The market continues to strengthen here. Our portfolio proposes from very affordable pricing up to luxury both outside of Merida and around Yucatan State. The Yucatán coast continues to see high season rentals in the summer and a growing winter market.

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Oaxaca Coast

Puerto Escondido

On the Oaxaca Coast, Puerto Escondido is a market that is gaining momentum. Named “A Rising Design Destination” by Time Magazine, Puerto Escondido boasts new boutique, eco hotels. Bayside just launched 2 brand new projects on the beach in Puerto Escondido. Inventory sells out quickly. Buyers are enjoying great gains in appreciation from buy-in until the project is built out. The crowd has a younger, surfer vibe. This market is looking solid.

The vacation rental demand is increasing in all of Mexico. Places like Puerto Escondido are boasting 85% to 95% annual occupancy rates for luxury rental products providing privacy and convenience to restaurants and beaches. Check out our Puerto Escondido Stay & Play!




Of course, Huatulco is where we’ve called home for over 12 years. We feel so fortunate to be living here with so many amazing people, amazing weather, great new projects, projects finishing and people taking possession.

We have lots of data here because of our history. We always like to be conservative with our rental projections. Before we would say the rental market was 16-18 weeks per year. Now, annual occupancy rates of vacation rentals in Huatulco have increased to an average of over 50% across the board as winter shoulder seasons strengthen and the summer market grows.  More Americans and Canadians are coming down in the summer. We’re getting more surfers as one of the best surfing destinations in the world and executive style surfers; people who surfed when they were younger and come back with their families.

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Investors Club

Our Mexico Living Investors Club has tremendous success. I negotiate with a developer to get a certain amount of inventory at preconstruction prices. Those who get in early are getting big gains from the time construction starts to the time it is completed.

For investors focused on buying and flipping, we have a unique scenario where you partner with the developers. Investors purchasing at early bird Investors Club pricing are receiving gross returns of 25% to 50% over the course of roughly a two-year period and benefiting from strategic tax planning.

Completed move-in ready inventory is limited with many new listings selling in less than 24 hours of being on the market.


2023 Market Forecast

For 2023, I see stability and security.  The Mexican economy is strong. Real estate here is not supported by mortgages making it a stable investment in the face of interest rate fluctuations abroad. Real estate is purchased and owned with cash.

The stability is not all about money though. It’s about lifestyle and quality of life. We are where everybody wants to be. You see this as an investor, whether moving full-time or as a snowbird or as a person with location flexibility in your job. We are seeing investors who are concerned about the stock market and want to put their investment in brick-and-mortar, volatility of Crypto, and potential devaluation of Fiat currency, wanting to put their money in beachfront, beach access, and marina front real estate on the Mexican coast.

It is the right time to invest into a better quality of life, amazing appreciation and outstanding rental returns. We’re in the right place so come on down and discover our destinations through a real estate sampling. I see a bright future in Yucatan State, in Mazatlan, in Puerto Escondido and in Huatulco.  Come and live the new dream, the MEXICO DREAM! 

Reach out to us and discover the areas through our Stay & Plays.


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