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Mexico Retirement – The Five Best Places to Retire in Mexico

by Alice Genes

In the recent past, there has been an increasing popularity regarding Mexico retirement destinations among many individuals from all over the world. This can highly be attributed to the perfect Mexican climate and the presence of the numerous sandy beaches with clear waters. One of the main reasons for which one should look at Mexico as a retirement destination is the affordability and the quality of the health care. The health care in Mexico is very cheap and affordable for all. The other reason leading to many opting for Mexico retirement is the general low cost of living. It is actually possible to get cheap properties around Mexico at prices that would not be possible in the U.S. or Canada for instance.

There are various places around Mexico from which you could choose  your retirement destination. One of the first things to consider when thinking about retiring in Mexico is the geographical position of the area of your choice. Accessibility to social amenities and the cost of housing should be a major determinant of the Mexico retirement destination you choose.

1. Mazatlan

Mazatlan is one of the most popular beaches in Mexico and it is located on the west coast. Each year, the beach resort hosts millions of tourists who come to enjoy the hospitality, the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. This makes it a perfect  retirement destination for its proximity to the major cities and towns, good climate and the relaxed atmosphere. There are direct flights from a large number of major cities in the world to Mazatlan.

2. Mayan Riviera

Mayan Riviera has some of the best beaches for those who are looking forward to living the good life under the Mexican sun. The riviera is famous for its sandy beaches and the blue sea. The hospitality of the locals is renowned, with tourists returning here year after year and more and more people choosing it as their retirement destination. Some of the activities that the retiree can engage in here include hiking and water sports.

3. Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is located on the Mexican Yucatan coastline.  The city is an hour’s drive from the Cancun and it is well known for its adventure and the great nightlife.

4. Guadalajara

This busy town is well known for architecture, the abundance history and nightlife. One unique feature about Guadalajara is that it cares about the well-being of its citizens. On Sundays, most of the streets and road are usually closed to any traffic to allow the residents to walk, jog or ride their bicycles. The city is near lake chapel which is famous for beautiful sceneries and water sports. This makes it the Mexico retirement dream town for many retirees. The residents are very friendly and courteous.

5. Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca is also a perfect Mexico retirement destination for its good climate. The annual average temperatures are moderate and the air does not get too humid. The city is located just a two hours drive from the city of Mexico in the north. Acapulco is located along the same drive to the south of Cuernavaca. This makes the city centrally located, allowing residents to have an array of choices of activities to undertake.

In reality, one can find more Mexico retirement destinations more than just those mentioned above. The five are the most popular among many retirees, but there are plenty of other Mexican regions to choose from.

One such region is the beautiful State of Oaxaca, with its wealth of museums and ruins. Oaxaca is quickly becoming a popular place to travel and retire.  It’s natural beauty, consistent year round temperatures, 340 days of sun and laid back lifestyle draw travelers from all over the world.  The rugged coastline of Oaxaca provides much to see and do, with many untouched beaches to visit and eco-tourism to explore.  Another great feature of Oaxaca is that one can retire for nearly half the costs as it would at home in Canada or the U.S. making Oaxaca a desirable place for retirees and investors.




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