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Mexico Travel – What are the Best Places for Retirement

by Alice Genes

Mexico has recently been converted into one of the most popular locations for Americans and Canadians in retirement and nowadays even people in Europe also choose to travel to Mexico to spend their golden years in a slow-paced low-cost environment that is also rich in culture and full of delicious and healthy foods. When travelling to Mexico for a sizzling summer vacation, you can have a look at some of the most popular places for retirement, even if you are not in the position of investing in a property right away. This is a decision that requires careful consideration and for this reason a reasonable amount of window-shopping during Mexico travel is recommended.

One of the chief reasons Americans and Canadians decide to retire in Mexico is because of its proximity to their homes. Thus, retirees can easily pack up a car and drive to Mexico. It would be of course more difficult to move in a place for which a plane ride is necessary. Along with its closeness, Mexico is furthermore ready to welcome strangers. Mexican stores stock a variety of products and foods that are frequently sold in U.S. and European cities. Most of Mexico is modern enough to be “wired”. That means that any person who moves to Mexico will be able to have a cable connection or satellite global networks in order to be connected to the news from back home.

Retirees who choose to move to Mexico can live a fulfilling life compared to what they are used in terms of expenses at home. Here the houses are up to 80% cheaper than anywhere else in North America, and many other living expenses are about 50 percent of what they are in Canada and the U.S.

Life in Mexico tends to run at a slower pace than in the U.S. and Canada. The mentality of Mexican people is that that there is no rush in doing things and that life should be enjoyed on a daily basis. Stopping to smell the roses or just learning a new skill are what life is all about for a retiree. A retiree’s lifestyle in Mexico is easier because relaxation is most welcome.

Whether you choose to live in a condo with a view of the ocean or prefer a small house in the mountains, Mexico is a colorful country with a varied relief and you will certainly find something that suits your preferences.  Even if you decide to live in the mountains, you will probably so save much money by moving to Mexico and thus it will be enough to splurge on visits to luxurious beach resorts.

If you plan to go to Mexico after you retire, but you’re not sure where exactly you want to live in Mexico, five common areas where Americans and Canadians prefer to move are Lake Chapala, Acapulco, Oaxaca, Guadalajara and Mazatlan.

If you are exhausted by cold winters, steamy summers and high taxes, you may want to consider the cities located on the north shore of Lake Chapala. Regularly known as the Lake Chapala Lakeside, these communities are in a quiet area where you can really stretch your retirement income and lead a comfortable life for about half of what it would cost to live in the United States. Here you will find here the largest number of expatriates in the world, with about 40,000 expats living in Lake Chapala. The majority of these people are originally from the United States and Canada.

Acapulco is the perfect retirement destination for those who have fallen in love with the charm of Old Mexico. Here you will find properties that have been built in the 1950s and 60s, which can now be acquired at great prices. Upscale modern properties are available as well, albeit at increased prices, mostly in the north side of the bay-city. If you are looking for some truly amazing views, check out the houses overlooking the astonishing Acapulco Bay.

Oaxaca is one of the most culturally-rich regions of Mexico and it is preferred by those who are looking for picturesque landscapes and friendly communities. An authentic Mexican experience awaits you here, but despite this, you will feel at home immediately thanks to the large community of American expats living in Oaxaca.

Some people might prefer big cities for their retirement in Mexico and in this case one of the best options you have is Guadalajara. This is Mexico’s second largest city and the expatriate scene here is a vibrant one. Another benefit of living in a big city is the fact that direct flights to the U.S. are available on a daily basis.

A favorite vacation spot for Mexican families, Mazatlan has excellent air/road connections and is quickly becoming a popular retirement place. The ocean-side living here is somewhat different from that in other Mexican locations in that that it is more peaceful and lacks the ultra-commercialization of similar beachfront areas.



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