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New President of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) Inaugurated in the Coastal Region

by Brent May

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), is a trade association that brings together Real Estate Professionals of 32 Mexican states with the goal of providing its clients with world-class services through extensive training and continuing education programs.

On the morning of Friday, July 12th, the Engineer Pablo Israel Vásquez Rodríguez, national president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, inaugurated the new board of directors and its president of the Costa-Istmo section.

During the event,  it was reported that this section has had three presidents, 1. Dolores Pérez Islas (2017-2018) 2. Gabriela Valencia Ramírez (2018-2019) outgoing president and 3. Aldo Cervantes Aragón (2019-2020),  incoming president. The municipal president of this city and the municipal president of San Pedro Mixtepec were both invited to the inauguration ceremony.

As the new President of the Costa-Istmo section, Cervantes said that one of the challenges he will take on will be to professionalize association members in the real estate sector. He said the vast majority of those who work in the real estate industry, work from a formality standpoint, as they have been working from a provisional standpoint for a long time. The big challenge is to train and professionalize the sector as service providers, as well as give confidence to investors who come to this beach destination. When the president of the AMPI Costa-Istmo section was asked who could join the Association, he replied that anyone in the real estate branch could join including people from the construction sector, graduates, notaries, architects, engineers.

Anyone belonging to the real estate sector is welcome in the Association. The president explained that the AMPI gives its affiliates access to continuing education at fairly low rates. Training includes seminars, congresses, access to the network of professionals which totals more than four thousand professionals at the national level. Aldo Cervantes said AMPI is an ally to all of the  business industry sectors including construction, notaries, appraisers, etc.

The President emphasized that Puerto Escondido and the Coastal Region in general, as a tourist destination has become the ideal place for the objectives of the Association.  This Costa-Istmo sector presents an almost perfect opportunity to make full use of AMPI because the area represents all levels of the real estate sector.

Source: Imparcial Oaxaca (sp)

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