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Ocean Lots: A Quick Guide to Buying Ocean Lots in Mexico

by Alice Genes

The value of properties in Mexico, like in the US, tends to increase from one year to another. As the demand for ocean lots in the US has surpassed the supply, it is nowadays an inaccessible commodity for the regular person. Nevertheless, there are numerous locations in México where one can still have enough money for an ocean front condo, house, or lot, as the prices are still starting at a much lower point than in the U.S. or Canada. The increases in prices over the last few years have eliminated for the most part properties that can be called cheap, but you can still find substantial differences in prices when compared to Canada and the United States.

Buying property in any location necessitates an extensive amount of research, preparation and planning and Mexico is no exception to this rule. One should understand the laws governing property in this country, and work with true professionals who can guide you to a safe property ownership in México.

When it comes to ocean lots, there are a number of places in Mexico where you can find a affordable properties in the vicinity of the ocean, but in many cases the a good price would not suffice. The trick is to find affordable ocean lots that are conveniently situated near services and easily accessible, thus being perfect to build your vacation or retirement home on.

A cheap ocean front lot might be located right next to a beautiful beach, but if it is located several hours away from the nearest store, you should think again before investing. This is not only inconvenient in the long run, but you will also end up paying a fortune for transport during the building of your home. A dream vacation or retirement home should be located close enough to a town, so you should look into that when scouting for properties.

Besides the proximity to an urban area, there are plenty of other things to take into account when purchasing an ocean lot in Mexico. Some of the most important of them include direct highway/major road access, natural surroundings, direct access to phone, internet, electricity and water, good building elevation and building permits available. Of course, there are many other aspects to consider in order to enjoy your lot fully and focus on relaxation.

When it comes to the surrounding area, you should look for several things such as the growing level of the community, nearby healthcare, leisure activities and shopping facilities. If you are one of the people who like to see things in perspective, have a look at the government and private investment as well as on the predictions of tourist area development.

As for prices, ocean lots start from as little as $60, 000 and they vary according to the area you choose for investment. Some of the most popular areas that you may want to consider include Campeche, Tulum and properties along the Oaxaca coast. All these areas have affordable lots that are still available for those looking for a home with an ocean view.

Campeche is located in the western half of the Yucatan Peninsula and the best thing about it property-wise is that it offers plenty of virgin or semi-virgin beaches where you can buy spacious lots. The area features numerous quint fishing villages and soft beaches, being perfect for either vacation or retirement homes. Prices in the area range from $60, 000 to $100, 000, which is cheaper than the national average.

Another area where you can find affordable ocean lots is Tulum, a community located just an hour away from Cancun and very close to some of the most important archaeological sites of Mexico. There are plenty of land purchase opportunities in the area, with prices starting from $60, 000.  This is a good area to consider for those who are interested in a place where stunning beaches blend with historical attractions and world-class golf courses. Another convenient feature is the fact that it will take you less than an hour to get to Cancun’s International Airport.

Along the Oaxaca Coast you will find ocean front lots and condos for prices starting at $50,000. The beaches here are some of the best in Mexico and one of the benefits of living here is the proximity to a town that features plenty of supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

Regardless of the area where you choose to buy an ocean front lot in Mexico, you need to remember that you will also need to spend 2 or 3 times as much money on building your house. However, the effort will be rewarded by the pleasure of waking up every morning with the sound of the ocean and magnificent views right from your deck.




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