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Government of Oaxaca Announces next Delivery of Works such as the Huatulco Congress Center

by Brent May

By El Universal Oaxaca

The state government, in charge of Alejandro Murat, reported on the progress in modernizing road, pedestrian and other infrastructure that is being carried out for the benefit of society.

The works currently being carried out by the Government of Oaxaca, both in the Oaxacan capital and in Bahías de Huatulco, including the modernization of the Symbolo Patrios Avenue, the construction of the “Álvaro Carrillo” Cultural Center, the construction of the Congress Center in Huatulco, as well as the works related to the Internal Circuit advance smoothly and will be concluded before the end of the year.

The foregoing was announced by the state government in a statement in which it explained that in the modernization of the National Symbols Avenue, currently the laying of asphalt folder has begun, and the modernization works of the bridge over the Salado River are about to begin while in the main lanes the construction of the new pavement structure continues, as well as the expansion of the sidewalks in most of the road “to convert this important road into a pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.”

He also reported that a new lighting system was installed, totally oriented to pedestrian use and for the future bike lane that will cover most of the road. In addition, two of the storm drains were completed to alleviate “the enormous problem that the Candiani Agency has suffered for years with the floods; and the third drainage is under construction”.

He added that they are working in collaboration with Telmex and SAPAO to continue with the work conserving the existing infrastructures of sanitary drainage, drinking water and fiber optics. “It is planned to complete the work on this road artery, and put it fully into circulation, no later than next June,” he said.

With respect to the Álvaro Carrilo Cultural Center, the Government of Oaxaca assured that the construction works continue, as part of which the foundations and the cisterns have been completed; Work is also being done on the construction of the basements, on the perimeter walls and on the metal structure that will support the upper part of the building.

“At the same time, work is being done on hydraulic-sanitary engineering, fire protection, electrical and lighting systems; exterior facades of the building, elevators and forklifts, as well as the rest of the structure made up of five additional levels to the basements. With this work, which will be delivered at the end of next October, Oaxaca will be a spearhead in cultural dissemination”, reads the document.

Regarding the Santa María Huatulco Congress Center, with more than 12,000 square meters of construction and more than 5,000 square meters of exterior work, he announced that it will be completed in September. “To date, the deep foundation work has been completed, building more than 650 one-meter diameter gravel columns, and construction work has begun on the embanked transition layer and the construction of the basement, where the drinking and treated water tanks, irrigation and fire protection, as well as facilities such as machine rooms, control rooms, dressing rooms, restrooms and offices”.

Finally, regarding the construction of the Internal Circuit in the Valles Centrales region, he said that progress is being made in accordance with the execution schedule. “Currently the work presents a global progress of 24% of the total works and it is expected to be completed in its entirety and delivered for the benefit of the Oaxacans, in the month of next August.”

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