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Real Estate Investments – Top Mexican Cities

by Alice Genes

real estate investmentsReal estate investments in Mexico have paced up at a sturdy rate.

Large numbers of elite businessmen, investors and famous personalities have started investing in the beautiful country. Mexico tempts its visitors with aqua turquoise waters and plenty of coastal life. The top ten real estate markets of the mesmerizing country would be as follows:

California’s duplicate

Tijuana is exceptionally similar to the California. The city encompasses of an eye popping price. The investment is worth several million dollars. Recent statistics, states that the price of certain properties in Tijuana has increased by more than 15%. Tijuana is idyllic for people who need real estate investments that would cross borders and move downtown!

The colonial states

Bajio is the central region of Mexico. It comprises of two colonial states, namely Guanajuato and Queretaro. The foremost cities are the biggest and hottest real estate markets of the country. Bajio is grooved to attract small scale industries. The heavily invested area has several top companies like Nissan and Honda.

The tourist destination

Cancun of Mexico is highly developed. This is a world famous tourist destination. People from around the world travel to Cancun for it’s spectacular beaches and fascinating hotels. Investing in Cancun is easier said than done, as the investment property prices are quite high.

The city of monuments

Tulum rivals over Cancun. The city is located 75 miles to the south of Cancun. It is heated up with monumental artifacts and spectacular beaches. Tulum has a less expensive real estate investment market. It is a protected ambience which has visualized high echelons of development. Tourism at Tulum is tripling every year, thus investing in Tulum might seem worthy!

The city of eternal springs

The “city of eternal spring” does spring with a hodgepodge of investment opportunities. Cuernavaca is located to the south of Mexico City. The place is well developed and exceptionally commercialized. People who aim on establishing residential companies can invest in the budding regions of Cuernavaca.

The tranquil holiday spot 

The Oaxaca coast endows investors with seaside views and affordable living. The beautiful coastline has the capability to allure and attract tourists. The art of investing in Oaxaca is bequeathed with two distinctive benefits. The area will ratify as a perfect destination for retiring individuals and also endorse to be a tranquil holiday spot.

The short route to USA

Located in the US borders, Mexicali comprises of a skilled populace. A large number of factories are being established in the educated grounds of Mexicali. A short drive will take Mexicalians towards several US airports. Real estate investments made in Mexicali are worth a lifetime!

The tourism triangle

The tourism triangle of Mexico is complete with Cabo, which competes against Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Cabo has a large number of posh resorts and business class hotels. It is a place for the rich. Hence, anyone with lots of money and fame will identify Cabo as a “Safe Haven”.

Home to luxury

Monterrey is the business city of Mexico. The city is encompassing of an “Americanized” populace. With a mishmash of real time investors like Sony, GE and Boeing, Monterrey is home to luxury. Just like Cabo, the commercialized city is ideal for big real estate investments.

Mexico has a large number of opportunities for real estate investments. The ultimate pick depends on the investor’s needs and capabilities.[hr]

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