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Oaxaca Named in Top 5 Mexican Real Estate Markets

by Erin May

As the first wave of baby boomers begin to retire, the struggle with the increasing cost of living and suffering house market is leading Americans & Canadians to search south of the border for real estate investments.  This is expected to create a larger demand for property markets offering warmer climates, rich culture, beautiful beaches and more inexpensive cost of living, which Mexico can offer.

Oaxaca, Mexico has been named one of the Top 5 real estate markets showing great potential for growth and development based on proximity to the U.S. and Canada, affordability, economy strength, natural & cultural attractions, regional infrastructure developments, tourism activity and overall appeal for both a retirement and expatriate destination,

The past 6 years has seen double-digit growth in new home construction and property prices for the state of Oaxaca.  The government of Mexico has invested a lot of money into improving utilities and sewer systems, promoting cleanliness and going ‘green’ as well as improvement of the roads and highways.

With and population of 450,000, Oaxaca has consistently warm temperatures averaging 83 degrees (28 degrees celsius) over the year.

Homes, lots and raw land is a fraction of the cost compared to U.S. and Canada and as jobs continue to return to the area, property values expect to rise as the Oaxaca gains popularity among the expatriate community.

Source: NuWire Investor

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