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Try Before you Buy – Take a Vacation Home Test Drive

by Erin May

People want to ensure they are making financially wise decisions when deciding on a vacation or retirement home.  And the only way to know you’ve found the perfect spot is to try before you buy, an opportunity to take a test drive of the development.  Commonly known as a ‘Stay & Play’ these test drive programs are becoming more common with vacation and retirement communities, as more individuals want to ensure they are doing thorough research of where to spend the next phase of their lives.

Test driving a vacation or retirement home gives you the opportunity to determine how often you will use the vacation home and if you will use it as a source of rental income when you are not using it.

It will give you time to talk with locals and other owners to get their feedback on the development and area from their perspective.

Stay & Play programs also allow you to familiarize yourself with the culture, climate, amenities and activities offered from both the development and the area.

Check out our Stay & Play page for further details on how you can ‘Try Before you Buy’ with Viewpoint Developments.




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