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What To Do in Summer in Puerto Escondido

by Brent May


Experience Puerto Escondido and its abundance of natural attractions. Summer adds a unique beauty with the lush, tropical vegetation and running waterfalls. Puerto Escondido has several flights per day arriving from Mexico City. Enjoy a short stay traveling up from Huatulco or plan for a longer-term stay. You won’t run out of things to do here. Each beach is unique and sunsets here are addictive.

Puerto Escondido is known for its beaches of course, but also for its thick woods, unique mountain scape, life-filled lagunas, rushing rivers in summer and generous waterfalls. The unique recreational activities are ideal for families and couples. Puerto has a large diversity of activities and incredible places for your summer break to create lifelong memories.

Take a Walk at La Punta

Take a walk, go shopping, go out for dinner in this authentic, loveable neighborhood. La Punta is still a small, relaxed neighborhood where you will find unique restaurants, organic food shops, beachfront palapas and an intermediate surf break.

Enjoy the Beaches

Discover your favorite! Puerto has a variety of beaches with different activities from surfing to paddleboarding to snorkeling or just to enjoy a grilled fish under a parasol and soak in the amazing scenery. Enjoy the family beaches of Marinero, Playa Principal y Carrizalillo or take a long walk on Zicatela. Head to Bacocho for a long walk, to release baby turtles around 5 every day or catch a movie on the beach every Wednesday from November through March.

Discover the Magic of the Manialtepec Laguna

Go for a sunset paddle board or kayak tour on the laguna or a boat tour. See a big variety of seabirds, song birds and waterfowl. After the birdwatching, enjoy the sun setting onto the ocean on the sand bar at Puerto Suelo before discovering the magical bioluminescence that awakens in the laguna waters as night settles

Go Horseback Riding

Go for a long ride along Zicatela beach or out of town towards Manialtepec Laguna, go to the village of Las Negras. There you can take a horseback tour to the Atotonilco Hot Springs and have a dip in the hot, sulfurous waters.

Take a Waterfalls Hike

Explore the waterfalls in the backcountry. Start out by hiking to La Reforma Waterfall. You won’t regret it!

Learn to Surf

Puerto Escondido has beaches for all levels from beginners to experienced. Check in at La Punta in the surf shops for lessons or to rent boards.

Release a Baby Sea Turtle

On Bacocho beach, meet up with ViveMar association. They work to protect turtle eggs and for a small fee dedicated to the protection of the eggs, visitors are given a baby turtle in a coconut shell to assist in reaching the ocean.

Watch the Dolphins

Take the opportunity to see 5 different dolphin species in the protected waters off of Puerto Escondido’s coast. Cruises leave every morning.

Enjoy an Evening Out

Puerto has a fine selection of restaurants to fit every taste. Some of our favorites are in the Rinconada area. We love Almoraduz, Espadin and El Nene all in the Rinconada area for their fresh, creative dishes.

Play Around

From recreational water activities to discovering nature on horseback or hiking, Puerto has many memory-making opportunities for everyone.

Falling in love with Puerto Escondido? We know the feeling. Get in touch if you’re interested in exploring your options to purchase a home.

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