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Where to Retire in Mexico?

by Alice Genes

where to retireIf you are planning to retire in Mexico, the principle query of “Where to Retire?” would definitely pop into your minds.

A large number of basic facts and concerns have to be focused, before making an ultimate choice. Numerous investors prefer retiring in Mexico due to its quality of living, cost of living and ease of living! With a reasonable social income stature, buyers can live and enjoy the splendor of Mexico. The country springs with warm winters, aqua turquoise coastal waters and landside adventures. The stateside gated American communities have a circumspect retort the inquiry of “Where to retire?”, and the prudent rejoinder would be “Mexico”.

Living in Lake Chapala

Where to retire” in Mexico if buyers want a Lakeside view? Plentiful Americans and Canadians opt to live near the Lake Chapala and Aijic. This is one of the largest fresh water lakes and beautiful landscapes of the country. Mexicans tend to love and live in Chapala.

Guadalajara- the second largest city of Mexicowhere to retire

The stately city of Guadalajara, which is present to the North of Mexico, is steaming hot and ever active. The hot spot en suites to gratify the needs of Americans. Guadalajara is renowned for its culture, shopping malls and graceful architecture. The old styles city is Mexico’s second largest ambience.

Luxury and power of Baja

Where to retire?” if the place has to be rich and famous? Baja in Mexico is close to Tijuana and Ensenada. The Southern town is filled with luxury and power. The dry coast of Baja is famous amongst Americans. According to recent stats a large number of Americans have settled in the coastal borders of Baja.

The crown of Mexico – San Miguel de Allende

Crowned in the central of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town. The town is renowned for its cobblestone streets and calm sights. The wealth, art and folk, fine restaurants and terrific shopping, is capable of attracting potential retirees.

The blue waters of Puerto Vallarta

Where to retire?” if the neighborhood has to be blue and aqua turquoise? Puerto Vallarta is the right choice for people who aim on beautiful beaches, calm hills and cheap lifestyles. The city has a history that dates back to 40 short years and the inexpensive grounds of Puerto Vallarta are ideal for relaxed living.

where to retireThe laid-back life on the Oaxaca Coast

The State of Oaxaca and it’s breathtaking coastline continues to be a favorite when considering where to retire in Mexico.  From it’s untouched beaches and beautiful mountains to it’s boasted 340 days of sun per year, Oaxaca is Mexico’s hidden paradise.  Boasting 370 miles of Pacific coastline, this amazing State offers something for everyone of all ages. The State of Oaxaca and the Oaxaca coast has also been named as one of the safest in all of the country of Mexico.

The heritage of Pueblo

Where to retire?” if the demand focuses on world heritage? Pueblo of Mexico is renowned as a site of World Heritage. The city is crafted with distinguished traditions and ancient cultures. Investing in this city will ordain individuals with vibrant scenes and colorful squares.

Retirement in Mazatlan

Mazatlan is another famous holiday destination. May it be the short vacations or long term retirements, Mazatlan is capable of accommodating potential investors. The city is known for its sport of fishing and art of relaxing on white sandy beaches. Ever since the early 1940’s and 1950’s, Mazatlan has built a kingdom of frequent travelers and patrons.


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[…] The warm and exotic situates are ideal for people who aim on leading a retirement span without giving up their life’s amenities and conveniences. People who wish to lead a sophisticated life can always opt for retiring in Mexico. The southern neighborhood is ranked amongst the top 5 countries in the world for living. Retirement in Mexico promises to ordain investors with a high quality of life, natural ambience, modern infrastructure, elite measures of safety and realistic beauty. Mexico is in close proximity to Canada and the US, thus buyers are endowed with a high echelon of flexibility whilst making their retirement move. […]


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