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Why Visit Huatulco in the Summer?

by Brent May


Be Inspired by a Side of Huatulco You Haven’t Seen Yet

Although Huatulco and Mexico in general are considered as sunny, winter time destinations, there are plenty of reasons to travel down during the summer also. Huatulco is a gem for a summer family vacation as well.

But isn’t that the rainy season? Well, yes and no. Yes, it is likely to rain some from June through September. However, rare are days without sunshine also. You can experience the sun at the beach and be inspired by the amazing blue-grey tones of the ocean fading into the sky on the horizon. This is my favorite season when there is no distinct horizon. It’s a phenomenon I look forward to year after year.

The real uniqueness of visiting Huatulco in the summer is the luscious greenery. With the arrival of the rain, trees and flowers bloom and the tropical plants and forest come alive.

We’ve put together this list of 15 family activities to get you excited about Huatulco in the summer!

Our Top 15 Family Activities in Huatulco

  1. Surfing. Summer time has the waves. Some swells arrive for experienced surfers but we also have beaches appropriate for a family surf lesson.
  2. Visit the Hagia Sofia, a stunning botanical garden with 130 acres of plants that are never happier than during the summer.
  3. Sea turtles. They are more active and abound during summer. You can visit a nesting beach and maybe go to a release of baby sea turtles.
  4. River float trips. During the summer, the rivers are flowing and you can plan a raft trip down one of the rivers winding through the Huatulco backcountry.
  5. Visit the Cascadas Magicas or the Magical Waterfalls. A day-trip out of Huatulco, these waterfalls are at their best after some rain.
  6. Take a Mexican cooking class. Looking for a rainy day activity? See our friend, Jane Bauer to schedule an amazing class.
  7. Travel to the mountains for a day trip to a coffee plantation.
  8. Take family Spanish lessons.
  9. Beach time: snorkel, play, fly a kite.
  10. Volunteer with a local organization.
  11. Shop at the local, Sunday market. Pack a Mexican picnic with your market goodies and head to the beach.
  12. Try some real Mexican tacos.
  13. Budget class. Teach kids how to shop at the market on a budget.
  14. Board game night. Stay at home and relax enjoying your oceanfront views.
  15. Discover your favorite beach. Huatulco’s 9 bays don’t begin to scratch the surface of all you can take advantage of. Looking for a more remote experience? But still with great seafood? Head out to Playa Boca Vieja near Bajos de Coyula where the Coyula River meets the Ocean. 

We hope these ideas inspire you to try something new in Huatulco and to enjoy the moments you have with your children and family. Vacation is a fun time to reconnect and make some lifetime memories. Let us know how we can help you schedule your next visit to Huatulco: contact@ownmexico.org

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