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How Will an Oceanfront Home Benefit You?

by Brent May

We all dream of living in a beachfront house, that’s why oceanfront properties are always in great demand and priced higher, regardless of market conditions. Some locations in Mexico still enjoy affordable oceanfront living and with today’s incredibly beneficial exchange rate, pricing is attractive.

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If your real estate investment goal is to earn a consistent rental income, an oceanfront location will provide you with a higher return, every time.

Living in a house with a view of the ocean is an exclusive experience. If you’re planning to buy a home in Mexico, here are some reasons to explore before you make your decision.

1. Higher return on investment

Whether it’s a vacation home or for your own use, a oceanfront or ocean view home will have a much higher market value than similar homes in the area.

In addition, oceanfront homes are generally not affected by volatile market conditions, so it is guaranteed that the value of the property will not drop dramatically. The value of property in Huatulco is only going up because of the incredible quality of life. Check out the many reasons why here.

2. A Healthy Environment

Did you know that living in a house with a water view is exceptionally good for your health? Research shows that spending time near water has psychological and spiritual benefits for adults and children. In addition, living near water has been shown to strengthen the immune system, blood circulation and overall well-being.

For couples, a house in front of the ocean offers an enviable romantic atmosphere and a beautiful private landscape that is impossible to find in cities.

3. Higher long-term income from vacation rentals

A luxury ocean front house, will get you higher rents compared to standard homes. Many vacationers seek to live their days of rest in a true paradise.

The additional advantage is that you will have a splendid personal retreat, away from everyday life.

4. Higher resale value

If in the future you wish to sell a property with an ocean, you stand to make a good profit. For the simple fact that any location can only have a limited number of houses with these views. With demand for such exclusive properties exceeding supply, you can be sure you will find a qualified buyer willing to pay the price, provided the property has been well maintained and does not require extensive repairs.

In this property, every detail has been taken care of to guarantee the comfort and good use of the spaces, which complements the spectacular views that add to its value

Whether you’ve made the decision to make the move to Mexico or are still in the decision-making process, follow our blog for practical information about all aspects of the moving experience. If you’d like to read more about the decision-making process we used to make our decision and move, check out our Lifestyle Design series here.

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