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Announcing the Return of Direct Flights from Toronto to Merida

by Brent May


There is another easy way to get to Yucatan State!

WestJet has started up direct flights from Toronto to Merida again. After being suspended due to the pandemic, the first non-stop flight of the season arrived December 15th at the Merida International Airport (MID).

The 4 hour 25 minute non-stop flight from Toronto to Merida is scheduled once a week every Tuesday from now through May 1st, 2022. The flight leaves Toronto at 10:15 am and arrives in Merida at 13:38 pm.

This popular WestJet flight was flying at over 77% capacity from January to March 2020, before the pandemic. The Toronto-Merida non-stop flight is added to 4 other international non-stop flights into the Merida International Airport: from Houston, Miami, Oakland and Dallas.

Check out availabilities here:


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