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How to Stay Healthy Naturally in Huatulco: A Range of Physiotherapies with Valentina Campos

by Brent May


Arriving in September 2020, Valentina Campos is a physiotherapist  with a new clinic in Santa Cruz. I am so grateful to have the natural care of Valentina Campos for my health and well-being.  She has a range of activities and services: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Cupping, Ozone therapy, Colon hydrotherapy, Megatron Non-Linear System and Mechanotherapy.

At Casa D Vida where she practices, Valentina treats disease with a comprehensive vision for each patient. She provides physiotherapy, organic detoxification and cellular nutrition treatments. The treatments focus on returning the body to an ideal state of health, achieving balance between biological, emotional, spiritual and social factors. Valentina says her purpose is to generate a life experience through natural therapies, to transform the consciousness of her patients.

Valentina works with homeopathic treatments to find overall well-being, not to just treat a sickness. Homeopathy stimulates the natural process of each individual. She treats a range of conditions every day from diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, muscular lesions, etc.

In this article, I want to share a bit more about some of the therapies Valentina offers. In the first article that you can read here, I talked more about the Metatron NLS Scanner. It is a Non-Linear Analysis System that uses bio resonance. It’s a non-invasive method of diagnosis and therapy that identifies issues in the body and treats them.

I’ve had a positive evolution with these holistic treatments, connecting the mind, the body and paying particular attention to how emotions affect the body. I’ve lost weight and my chronic health alterations have disappeared. I’m healthier I even look physically different. I want to share a little more about the Ozone and Deep Organ Detox treatments.


What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is an alternative, therapeutic treatment that uses medical ozone to treat disease, to improve the functioning of organs and tissues or act as a topical disinfectant.  Ozone gas is a form of oxygen that can have therapeutic effects in:

  • Treating arthritis
  • Treating diabetes
  • Fighting viruses
  • Cleaning wounds, dermatological diseases and chronic candidiasis
  • Activating the immune system
  • Treating macular degeneration
  • Treating cancer
  • Treating heart disease

Ozone therapy is the administration of ozone (O3) in the organism for therapeutic purposes. Ozone cures because it improves the metabolism in an integral way.  Blood circulation improves in the affected tissues so more oxygen and energy are supplied to the inflamed areas. Also, by activating the blood circulation, the detoxification of the liver is promoted and the levels of cholesterol and uric acid are reduced, helping to eliminate solid components from the blood. Successive applications of medical ozone at a general level (systemic) result in a significant increase of oxygen supply in all cells of the body, which means, roughly speaking, an improvement in cellular capacity for self-repair, substantially decreasing cell damage due to lack of oxygenation, regardless of the underlying disease.

The treatments are fast, effective and economical, consisting of a number of sessions that vary in quantity and duration, depending on the condition being treated. The applications are very safe since there are practically no adverse effects.

The oxygen-ozone gas mixture can be applied in multiple ways:

  • Locally by means of a glass bell or a plastic bag according to the different parts of the body to be treated (leg, arm, etc).
  • Local injections through subcutaneous or intramuscular infiltration.
  • Through auto hemotransfusion which consists in the extraction of blood to which the oxygen-ozone is added, it is mixed with the blood and then without removing the needle, it is re-injected into the bloodstream.
  • Through rectal insufflation, which is performed by directly applying the gas through a thin tube, as if it were an enema.
  • Through creams and ointments in the form of ozonized oils.

Ozone therapy is also used to treat musculoskeletal injuries. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. It also helps to regenerate bone and cartilage tissue. In physical rehabilitation, acupuncture and ozone therapy complement each other very well.


What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Also known as colonic lavage or colonic cleansing, colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method for cleaning organic waste accumulated over time in the walls of the intestines by applying an abundant amount of water at different temperatures and with controlled pressure in the large intestine.

Residues can accumulate in our colon and diminish its muscular action, leading to problems such as constipation or inadequate bowel movements that impair our quality of life.


Other Ozone Detox Treatments

One of the applications that has the same results and used more frequently in detox treatment is vaginal and rectal with excellent results. These detox treatments eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc..

The treatment is for 21 days, four days a week with three days off. The duration is 15 minutes per session.

Notable improvements with these therapies are digestive alterations and elimination of urinary infections, skin problems such as psoriasis, and allergic dermatitis, to name a few.


Where to find Valentina

Valentina has a new clinic in Santa Cruz, Huatulco. 

Soon, she will have a therapeutic temazcal in San José del Pacifico in Rancho las Nubes.

Appointments can be made via Messenger and Whats App.

Contact Information:

Facebook: “Casa De Vida Medicina y Terapias Naturales”

Instagram: casa_dvida

Whats app: 722.360.7382


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