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Introducing the Newest Mexico Living Destination, Chicxulub Yucatan

by Brent May


Out in the northern Yucatan peninsula, some 8 kilometers from Progreso and 44 kilometers north of Merida is Chicxulub, a small town on the Gulf coast. This small town has become one of the most sought-after hot spots in Mexico. Temperatures are always warm, and crystalline emerald waters, powdery amber sands and laid-back lifestyle await.

For those also interested in going beyond all that, there’s also a trove of culture and history here formed by the Maya dating back more than 4000 years ago.


From “Best Kept Secret” to “Almost Sold Out” 

The Yucatan Peninsula has become a popular destination for expats wanting a better quality of life at a more reasonable cost. Chicxulub (chick-shoe-lube) is a privileged destination. This refreshing beach community offers an amazingly relaxed tropical life. All the amenities you might want are available in the charming village or in nearby Progreso and Merida. 

The climate here is tropical with average annual temperatures ranging from 25-30C or 79-89F.  Although there is rain in the summer months, the rest of the year has clear blue skies. Rains total only about 685 mm or 27 inches per year. 

Chicxulub has a steady growing economy and the government is investing in infrastructure. With a population of approximately 4500 people, it is located on the Emerald Coast and known as the Yucatan Hamptons because of the high quality of life and desirable secondary residences. 

We see many people taking advantage of the appealing real estate market here. Several new Bayside beach properties are being snapped up before they are even finished. The Chic Beach Studios are sold out; and thMiramar Boutique Condominiums are selling fast. 


Some History

In the local Mayan language, Chicxulub means either “the devil’s flea” or “tail of the devil” and refers to a massive asteroid that landed here millions of years ago. That meteor is thought to have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. The town was built on the site about 450 years ago. Although the crater is too large to be visible, you can learn about it at Parque Científico in Sierra Papacal (a 30-minute drive). 

The municipal seat in nearby Progreso was founded 130 years ago as a more convenient port for the large cruise ships on this part of the peninsula. Walking around Progreso, you can enjoy the Spanish and French colonial influences in the architecture – be sure to visit the gorgeous Municipal Building! 

There are exciting pirate legends among all the other historical stories that make up the local culture. 



All of your needs are taken care of here locally in the village of Chicxulub, in nearby Progresso or in the state capital of Merida, a 30-minute drive away.



We have Telmex & Izzi internet services as well as Dish & Sky satellite services.  



Chicxulub is a convenient base of travel to Progreso, Merida and other locations. ADO bus service, minivans, taxis, Ubers, and rental cars are all convenient.



There are two modern airports close to Chicxulub that handle both domestic and international flights. Between them they currently offer regular flights to over 20 destinations in Mexico and to over 30 countries in North, Central, South America and Europe. 

From Merida:

  • American Airlines has a direct flight from Miami to Merida 7 days/week and a direct flight from Dallas to Merida on Saturdays. 
  • Aeromexico and Delta flights connect in Mexico City. 
  • Flights with Aeromexico via Mexico City are running from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. 
  • Volaris flies with a connection in Mexico City from major US cities like Oakland, L.A., Chicago, Austin and Denver. And major cities in Mexico: Guadalajara, Monterrey. 
  • All other airlines connect through Mexico City. Flights from Mexico City to Merida on VivaAerobus and Volaris
  • Viva also flies within Mexico to Merida from: Ciudad de México, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Veracruz. 
  • Aeromar flies from Oaxaca, Poza Rica, Reynosa, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Villahermosa. 


Medical Facilities

In the village there is a pharmacy, a medical clinic and a dentist. In nearby Conkal there is a 24-hour pharmacy with a resident doctor, and Merida has world-class hospitals and staff. 

All specialties can be found in Merida, you can make appointments online, often without any wait. Canadians and Americans can use their health insurance plans here. Read more about that here: https://mexicoliving.com/how-to-health-insurance-for-expats-in-mexico/

Most doctors and other health care workers speak English and were trained in the U.S. or Canada. Private consultation at a fancy hospital can cost a maximum of approx. $50 USD.

For more information about healthcare in Merida: https://mexicoliving.com/health-care-in-and-around-merida/


Markets and Groceries

New Chicxulub Market

There are several local shopping options between local markets, grocery and convenience stores right in Chicxulub: Mulle Market, OXXO, local organic fruit & vegetable Mercados, bakeries, a brand-new plaza/market, and a new Farmer & Artisan Market. Just five blocks from Miramar Condominiums there is a new gas station and open-air market. 


More Shopping

Transport vans from Chicxulub square

Progreso and Merida have more shopping options of every type from small boutique stores to big box stores. You can catch a public transport van from the square in Chicxulub that will take you directly to Costco and Walmart Supercenter outside of Merida.  



There are a few ATMs in Chicxulub, and another in Conkal; Merida has many banks, a credit union and ATMs. Progreso has several major banks scattered through town.


Free Time, Fun Time

Fun things abound, it would take days to list all of the activities. Here are just a few:  



The nearby beach is a wide stretch of sand populated with marine animals and birds, great for long walks. It has received the prestigious International Blue Flag Award for its quality, safety, and eco-management. The water is emerald blue, striking tones between the sky, the water and the amber sands. The water is calm, flat, and shallow, great for swimming and paddle boarding and perfect for families.

There are restaurants, bars, a cruise ship terminal, and the famous Fisherman’s Pier where people gather in the cool evenings to visit and fish. During the winter, “Norte” storms can make the beach cool and the water rough. It is a perfect opportunity to collect shells and explore archaeological sites.  

Blue water sinkholes known as “cenotes” are all around. Your neighbors will tell you where to go for a cool discovery! https://mexicoliving.com/the-magical-world-of-cenotes-in-and-around-merida/


Pink Lagoons

Several magical pink lagoons dot the peninsula. You’ve likely seen the pictures. One is only 15 minutes away. The pink color is created by algae, plankton, and brine shrimp. Wild flamingos eat them and this is what gives them their color. The water in these lagoons evaporates leaving behind precious pink salt. These areas are protected, and swimming is not allowed, but be sure you have your camera for some phenomenal pictures. 



The pink lagoon is surrounded by Mayan ruins, including a small temple called Xcambo. It means “Place of the Maiden” or “Place of the Waning Moon” and is still used for worship. Xcambo is one of the largest pre-Hispanic structures on the peninsula and may have been used to control the salt trade. The entire area is rich with Mayan architecture and culture. 

See more about the area’s nature reserves here: https://mexicoliving.com/incredible-nature-reserves-around-merida/

You’ll never run out of things to do: https://mexicoliving.com/magazines-readers-name-merida-worlds-best-small-city/


Social Scene

Whether you are here for a short stay or moving in for good, you’ll find many volunteer opportunities and other social organizations: Rotary, Lions, Red Cross, and local groups for conservation, literacy, culture, etc. If you like to play cards, there are euchre and bridge games to join. 



There are some amazing local restaurants from Mamma Mias Pizzeria to Capitain Flores Fish! Word-of-mouth and Trip Advisor are good sources to find the perfect meal. 

Intrigued? Once you have visited and soaked up all the things in Chicxulub, Progreso and Merida that make it an exceptional place to live, we’ll be happy to help you find just the property you’re looking for. And we can make it a stress-free process. We look forward to hearing about your magical encounter with the Yucatan!

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