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The “I’ve Got a Guy” Approach to Huatulco Real Estate

by Brent May

Montecito_6You know when your car (or any other piece of equipment) breaks down and you talk to a neighbour who’s quick to say, “I’ve got a guy.  Here’s his number”. 

Well, we’ve all contacted those guys, and sometimes it’s a bust, but sometimes, the guy (or gal, because there are some pretty amazing go-to gals out there) really comes through. 

Here at Own Mexico, we are that guy and gal. Our passion is to share our experiences and know-how to help you realize your dream of owning real estate in one of the best places on earth, Huatulco Mexico! 

But before we talk more about that, we want to offer up our tips for The “I’ve Got a Guy” approach to Huatulco real estate. 

A Dose of Reality

We’re not saying it’s impossible to buy a home in Mexico. Quite the opposite really. But what we are saying is that it’s different than buying a home in Canada or the U.S. You need to have someone in whom you trust to have your back through the challenges of the Huatulco real estate process. 

But rest assured, plenty of people from all over the world have purchased property here. They’ve all gone through the steps and learned the lessons. Some have shared their experiences – both good and bad – and so now, investors like you can skip the challenges and move right on to real estate success!

Getting Started

Before we jump into the “I’ve Got a Guy” approach, we have to two important items to cover: 

  1. Here in Mexico, you have to be prepared for the real estate investment process to take time, sometimes lots of time to get more bang for your buck with Huatulco real estate investments. Good things will come to those who wait.
  2. Owning in Huatulco Mexico isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready mentally, financially and have all of the answers to your most important questions, then we say “go for it”. 

Own Mexico’s “I’ve Got a Guy” Approach

Whether you work with us here at Own Mexico or you work with a referral, we recommend going with someone who either lives here or who has purchased Huatulco real estate recently. Why? Because he or she will be knowledgeable about the various processes from start to finish. 

You also want someone who is fluent in Spanish. This person will deal with the either be a real estate agent or coordinate the activities for the other real estate agents, attorneys and specialists dealing with trusts, titles, insurance, utilities and obtaining any needed FM3’s. This person will be especially helpful if you cannot be in Huatulco during the transactions. 

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Select the Right Huatulco-Based Real Estate Agent

You will need a well-reputed, experienced real estate agent who can handle the varied details of Huatulco real estate. Look for someone who isn’t just into making the sale and who doesn’t apply sales pressure. He or she should be laidback, eager to help and willing to work with you during and after the sale. 

You also need an agent who is not only knowledgeable about Huatulco real estate, but who is up-to-date on upcoming developments. (You may find these to be more appealing.) That person should be willing to tour you around the whole area, showing you potential properties that fulfill your requirements.   

Do Your Homework

Once you have the name and number of your contact guy or gal, be sure to check their records and references. Follow up with any Huatulco Mexico based friends to find out what they know about this individual. Any input is welcomed at this point. 

Once you have a property in mind, be sure to check if it has any issues, such as delinquent payments or regular break-ins. The results could play into your final decision. On the other hand, the real estate option may be in a gated community with security guards working 24/7. While this gives a sense of security, it will add to your expenses as a home owner. 

While you’re out, eat at local establishments, check out the shops and service buildings and talk with community members. In other words, learn more about the area, not just the prospective property. This could enhance or decrease your interest in a specific real estate option 

If you’re thinking about purchasing Huatulco real estate and need a guy or gal, contact us today. We’d be happy to share our experiences with you and get you well on your way to joining us in this wonderful Huatulco Mexico community.

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