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How To Invest in Real Estate Projects by Renowned Architects in Puerto Escondido

by Brent May

In our newest Mexico Living Blog Series, “Puerto Escondido: A Rising Design Destination,” we are covering the architectural design movement in and around Puerto Escondido. We showcase unique and stunning architectural designs, explain eco-friendly design practices and Puerto’s commitment to sustainable living, discuss the architect’s role, and provide insights into investment opportunities in Puerto Escondido as a rising design destination.

Welcome to Puerto Escondido. This rising design destination is not only known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and laid-back vibe, but also for its unique art and architecture scenes. In this article, we highlight some of the architect-led designs of projects that Bayside partners with in Puerto Escondido. And start you on the way to owning a home designed by a renowned architect. Let’s go!

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Eco Villas La Flia


Eco Villas La Flia is a collection of 6 designer homes creating a sustainable living community. Designed as a self-sustaining community that minimizes its environmental impact while providing residents with a high quality of life, the villas are constructed with eco-friendly and local materials. Sustainable practices are promoted through the organic gardens, renewable energy systems and water conservation measures. Nestled in the vegetation at La Barra, each villa has an open-style main palapa, private lunge pool and ocean views. The villas are a testament to traditional Pacific coastal architecture with artisan-made furniture and crafts. See the listing here.


Architect Michel Rojkind

Villas La Flia was designed by Rojkind + Luce, a collaboration of rojkind arquitectos and Chris Luce.

Michel Rojkind is a visionary architect with an outside-the-box mentality whose work prioritizes the human experience. Blending innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, Rojkind’s designs are characterized by their bold, contemporary forms that push the boundaries of architecture through the exploration of uncharted geopmetries. Rojkind founded his creative architectural design firm, rojkind arquitectos, in Mexico City in 2002.

Born in Mexico City, Rojkind has a background in both engineering and architecture. Rojkind’s projects are visually stunning, structurally efficient and sustainable. Rojkind’s buildings incorporate green technologies, reflecting his dedication to creating a more environmentally responsible urban landscape. Rojkind’s fascinating portfolio includes a broad range of projects including cultural centers, museums, restaurants, commercial buildings and residential complexes.


La Escondida Apartments


La Escondida Apartments designed by Francisco Pardo, were designed to nestle into the landscape following the topography on a clifftop next to the lighthouse in Puerto Escondido. Thanks to the design along the slope and large terraces, each unit has privacy and impressive views making the spaces feel more like individual homes. The 2 to 3-bedroom units have living rooms, a patio and small pool. The complex has common areas on the uppermost rooftops. The breezes off the ocean, the shade from the cantilevered roofs and cross ventilation from the terraces and lateral walls make air conditioning here unnecessary. See the listing here.

“There’s two main virtues to approaching this site by carpeting the terrain instead of embedding a vertical building into it,” explains Pardo. “One is that mimicking the cliff is more respectful of Puerto Escondido’s natural landscape. And the second is that, spatially, the units become more interesting because they’re experienced as houses instead of apartments,” said Pardo. (Metropolis Magazine, https://metropolismag.com/projects/villas-la-escondida/ )


Architect Francisco Pardo

From Mexico City, Francisco Pardo is an acclaimed architect known for his innovative and progressive approach to design. He has made a significant impact on the architectural landscape with his bold and visionary projects. With a Master’s degree in architecture from Columbia, he has held professorships at several universities in North America and Europe.

His work often showcases a contemporary aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality integrated into the landscape, urban or rural. Pardo’s designs are characterized by clean lines, open spaces, and a deep respect for the surrounding environment. His portfolio includes parks, residential commercial and cultural projects. Through his remarkable work in creating unique designs, Francisco Pardo has earned widespread recognition and is an influential figure in the global architectural community.

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Paxifico is a complex of 33 beachfront condos on Playa Zicatela. Designed by architect Alfonso Quiñones, the internationally known architect from the Casa Wabi project, the Paxifico project is made using concrete and local materials like palm, wood and bamboo. An environmentally sustainable project, the property will be EDGE certified, a green building certification system focused on making buildings more resource efficient.  With 6 different floor plans, ocean and beach views, private plunge pools, the design of the condos reflects Quiñones’ refreshing style. See the listing here. 

Architect Alfonso Quiñones

After beginning his career in restoration and rehabilitation projects of different buildings in Mexico City’s downtown area, Alfonso Quiñones founded the architecture workshop, BAAQ’ in 2011 focusing on housing development and architectural design. BAAQ’s designs seeks to establish truth and beauty between the user and the space. In 2012 he was invited by architect Tadao Ando, to be the local associate architect for the Casa Wabi project in Puerto Escondido, the artist retreat conceptualized by Bosco Sodi.  In 2016 he was invited by architect Alvaro Siza for the development of the Taller de Barro project at Casa Wabi.

Quiñones’ style resonates with the Wabi-sabi Japanese aesthetic concept that celebrates the beauty of imperfection, transience, and the natural patina of time through weathered materials highlighting their irregularities as unique instead of flawed. Based on the simple appreciation of natural beauty and the passage of time, in architecture, wabi-sabi embraces raw materials and a connection with the environment. Spaces designed with these values tend to reflect tranquility, authenticity, and harmony with nature.

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These are just a few examples of sustainable projects and incredible architectural designs that Bayside Real estate has partnered with in Puerto Escondido. If you’ve decided Puerto Escondido is for you and you want to know about the purchase process of buying property in Mexico, sign up for our free webinar here. If you already know about buying property in Mexico and are ready to see offerings or schedule a visit,  contact one of our agents today.

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