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Why People are Moving to Huatulco

by Brent May

Social scientists are comparing the effects of the Covid pandemic to the aftermath of the Black Plague in Europe from 1347 to 1351. The Plague that swept across Europe and Asia was significantly more devastating for the population than Covid, but the effects of the Covid pandemic echo profound social transformation that happened after the Plague.

After the Plague of the 14th century had eased, workers looked at their situations and reassessed what their work and lives were worth. They began putting limits on and revolting against a system (of serfdom in some countries) that was built against them. Prices for basic goods increased with high inflation. Workers could no longer afford basic necessities. So, they began demanding higher wages and if they weren’t paid enough, they walked away from their jobs in search of better-paying ones. Landowners had difficulties finding labor even paying three times previous wages.

Of course, the sheer workforce was less, many people died during the Plague. But the tensions of the labor market created turmoil. People turned against the nobles, resented taxation and in return, nobles began violently attacking laborers across England, France and Italy.

Although there are many profound differences between the effects of the two events, the growing sense of frustration among workers pushing them to seek a better life for themselves connects the two.

Wages have mostly stagnated in the U.S. over the past 4 decades against the cost of living, disproportionate tax breaks for some, but especially a work culture that pushes people to their limits and leaves no or too little time to actually enjoy what we accumulate by working.

Scores of Americans have left their jobs in the past year (The Great Resignation) reevaluating what their labor is worth and their values. They are creating a system that works better for them. Rearranging work schedules so that they have more time for family and friends. Working in lengthier breaks so they have more personal time for exercise and to maintain their own health.


The Power of Place

But the profound change we have seen reflected in Mexico over the past two years is the change of place. Many people are exchanging their city apartments for sunny, ocean view homes in Mexico. People are being attracted to the south Pacific towns of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido and Yucatan state on the Gulf like never before.

Reevaluating values and opting for a more laid-back lifestyle where money goes further are attracting remote workers, young couples and families as well as retirees. Families are also attracted by the opportunities for their children to have a broad cultural experience, to learn a new language and to mix with an international community. Children also have opportunities for plenty of activities from surfing to tennis lessons.

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Our Top 10 List: Why people are choosing Huatulco

  1. Climate

    340 days of sun per year. No rain during the winter. At just 15 degrees’ latitude above the equator, Huatulco has the most consistently hot temperature in Mexico. Most days, the town receives light breezes by day from the ocean and cooler breezes coming down from the mountains at night.


  1. Sustainably designed

    Huatulco radiates positivity. It is a master-planned community. Huatulco uses renewable, clean energy, has a state-of-the-art water and sewage treatment plant, has received many national and global ecological achievement awards, and 70% of the designated development space is dedicated to green space.


  1. World-class infrastructure

    Huatulco’s infrastructure is smartly built. Wide streets, pedestrian and bike friendly, high speed internet and fiber optic access,


  1. Small-town feels

    Newcomers to Huatulco enjoy the small-town vibe making it easy to fit in and make new friends. Local events, vibrant social and cultural opportunities and a laid-back lifestyle make Huatulco a friendly destination. The warm expat community ensures that you have an English-speaking population. Many locals and service providers like doctors, lawyers, and dentists speak English also.


  1. Safety First

    Oaxaca is consistently one of the safest Mexican destinations. Crime rates here are lower than in U.S. states with comparable populations. The presence of a naval base on this area of the coast also promotes security and has thwarted organized activities suffered in other areas.


  1. All of the activities

    You may wonder what exactly you will do once you move to Mexico. Of course, there are many activities like tennis, pickle ball, golf, walking routes and beach clubs. And thanks to an active community, there are also incredible opportunities for different kinds of workshops, courses, and volunteer involvement. Many adventures await as you head out along the coast to find your favorite hidden beach.


  1. International airport

    Huatulco’s airport (HUX) has convenient direct flights to the States and Mexico City year-round and direct to Canada during winter months. With easy connections in Mexico City and several daily flights from Huatulco, you can easily make connections back home. And it’s a convenient, small airport. It’s as low hassle as it gets.


  1. Cultural experience

    While the economics of a move to Mexico make sense because the cost of living is lower and buying a home is comparably cheaper, the cultural experience that awaits is really the reason for making the move. Plunging into a new culture is exciting. You will feel alive discovering your new place, its food, music and traditions.


  1. Settling in and making new friends

    Expats rate Mexico as the easiest place to settle in. Mexicans are generally warm and expat communities are supportive. Read our article here about why expats feel at home in Mexico.


  1. A solid healthcare system

    Many other benefits abound including coverage by a national health care plan, the IMSS, once Mexican residency is established. (See our article about getting the visa that is right for you.) Many people opt to pay for healthcare out of pocket. Others find insurance plans through national and international insurance providers and even through some banks. To know more about healthcare in Huatulco, see our article: What You Need To Know About Healthcare in Huatulco.

If you’re on your way to buying a home in southern Mexico, we can help you through the process. We encourage you to come down and see Huatulco and its stunning landscape for yourself. Settled in between the mountains and the ocean and a backdrop of the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, Huatulco looks out to the Pacific Ocean. Huatulco is a community stretched out along several bays, some with easily accessible beaches, some with picturesque rocky outcroppings. The entire shore here is quite dramatic.

Join us on a Stay & Play. We’ll see you here.


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